Vicious Saddle

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  • One of 18 unique Vicious mounts: VICIOUS SADDLE

  • FIERCE COMBATANT achievement

  • You will get 100 3v3 arena wins

  • ALL 870+ item level items for your chosen class and spec based on your current rating plus bonus item based on your best rating from the past week.

  • Chance to obtain one of Legion Legendaries: A GUIDE TO LEGION LEGENDARIES

  • Tons of Honor and Artifact Power based on number of Arena wins you've chosen.

  • A bunch of MARK OF HONOR which you can exchange for old season PVP tier sets or weapons, heirlooms and pvp mounts

  • All these rewards will be easily yours after you buy our most reliable boost service in Europe (EU region) with affordable price and excellent support

  • Login and password in case of account sharing option, your account safety guaranteed.
VICIOUS SADDLE is a new pvp reward for players participating in 3x3 Arena or RBG which can be exchanged for one of the new Vicious Mounts first presented in WOW: Mists of Pandaria patch 5.4.0. To obtain this reward each player has to win needed amount of games during pvp season in any of the presented competitions: 100 wins in 3x3 Arena OR 40 wins in RBG and get Combatant Achievement in current season. After acquiring this reward, player can exchange it for one of the cool-looking mounts; almost each pvp season new mounts are added in this collection so there is always an opportunity to get some new mount. The Saddle itself is soulbound, but the mount you obtain is account wide so you can send it to any of your alts you wish (only character which learned this mount can ride it). There is 18 mounts total available at this moment for exchange including new 10 mounts (5 Horde and 5 Alliance) which were added in Legion pvp seasons: VICIOUS WAR BEAR (A), VICIOUS WAR LION, VICIOUS WAR BEAR (H), VICIOUS WAR TURTLE (A), VICIOUS WAR SCORPION, VICIOUS WAR TURTLE (H), VICIOUS WAR ELEKKVICIOUS WARSTRIDERVICIOUS GILNEAN WARHORSE and VICIOUS WAR TRIKE - “the most devastating mechanism money can buy”. Purchase it from the fastest service in Europe and we will provide you with Vicious Saddle for your hero very soon!

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