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World Tier Boost

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You will also earn 1495 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get access to World Tier 1-5 activities for your character available
  • You will get 2 Invaded Missions and 1 Stronghold completed for every World Tier unlocked
  • You will get a lot of High-End Gear loot with your character's Gear Score upgraded depending on World Tier boost you choose:
    World Tiers Gear Score
    World Tier 2 275+
    World Tier 3 325+
    World Tier 4 400+
    World Tier 5 500

After reaching level 30 and beating main plot by clearing all 3 Strongholds you are going to be moved into World Tier 1, which is the sign you have entered Division 2 endgame territory, in which the Black Tusks band invades DC and takes back control of this city meaning that you've got to begin from scratch.

Division 2 World Tiers are essentially the equivalent of levels from the Division 2 endgame. There are now five World Tiers obtainable during the endgame with the last Stronghold known as "Tidal Basin" which was released after game's launch and is the final barrier left to unlock World Tier 5. To unlock higher World Tiers 2, 3, 4 and 5 all you have to do is finish Invaded missions, ensure your equipment is in the appropriate level and then clear the associated Stronghold.

This process repeats for every single new World Tier until World Tier 5 reached and also unlocks additional things like greater difficulty levels like Challenge and Heroic in addition to a wide variety of further endgame actions. They have an impact on how powerful your foes would be, together with quality of equipment and crafting blueprints you will find and utilize. Every World Tier rises the difficulty of the missions available and also the Gear Score cap: World Tier 1 is capped at 300 GS, Tier 2 at 350, Tier 3 at 400, Tier 4 at 450 and the final Tier 5 at 500.


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