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Control Points Boost Run

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You will also earn 995 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get Control Point farmed on chosen Level
  • You will get lots of High-End Gear loot and weapons for your character from the Supply Room crate
  • You will have a chance to get random Weapon Blueprint for clearing out Level 3 Control Point (Challenging Mode)
  • You will have additional Specialization points for clearing out Level 4 Control Point (Heroic Mode)

What are Division 2 Control Points and why you need this boost run carry

Control Points are simply an enemy-controlled regions: you enter, clear it out, and take over. Althoug the Division 2 control points have some additional features. They're marked as green or red flag icons, with green being Control Points you occupy, and red meaning the enemy gets them. Endgame changes Control Points substantially, as soon after you have taken one back, The Black Tusk will sweep back in to take them back. It all makes moving through DC a lot more complicated and stressful, but also means that each and every single time you reclaim a Control Point, you're going to get access to a fully replenished Supply Room full of gear and other rewards. They are a really wonderful supply of loot and crafting materials, and if you refill the Control Point's tools you will find a boost of XP that will push you in unlocking your next Field Proficiency Cache.

As soon as you've cleared a fresh Control Point, then an icon will appear on your HUD, pointing you towards a Supply Room. That is where your rewards are, so go over there and claim your loot. You'll come across a massive orange crate that'll award Gear and firearms, and then a couple of smaller crates. The smaller crates will refill each 24 hours, so make sure you check back to get more loot. As soon as you reach World Tier 4 in The Division 2, you will have the ability to raise the Alert Level of every Control Point. This guarantees better loot in the end, though the difficulty is going to be raised substantially. To raise alert degree in The Division 2, you want to finish activities that are connected to the Control Point by red lines with the highest Alert Level of 4.


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