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Bounty Farm Boost

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You will also earn 995 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get needed amount of Bounties accomplished on chosen difficulty
  • You will get lots of High-End Gear loot and weapons for your character
  • You will get some specialization points as well as other Bounty rewards

What is Division 2 Bounty and why you need this farm boost carry

Bounties are goals which can be delegated to you through an NPC named Otis Sykes, and they're a little different to the bosses in that you have around 15 minutes to get to their place and start to fight them. Once you've discovered them and engaged in combat, the timer stops so you have got the time to take them down like every other enemy. However, if you die, you will fail and that bounty will need to be reassigned to you. Enrolling to take down a bounty from Sykes can cost you Target Intel, and it can be a resource that you'll get just during your gameplay: beating enemies at the Open World, completing missions on at least Hard difficulty and other activities. Additional Perks in the Quartermaster could unlock Hard and Challenging difficulty bounties, while Weekly Bounties are also available in the game.

Bounties unfold their true potential throughout the endgame when attaining World Tier 4, in which the Priority Target Network unlocks, a community that holds data of the very dangerous and most wanted targets with lucrative and higher bounties. The Priority Target Network provides a tree of weekly bounties which continues the narrative of DC. So as to eliminate these targets, easier targets have to be murdered. Also, no Target Intel may be spent on these high-priority targets. Reaching the end of one of these branches will activate a final Heroic Bounty which be much harder than normal endgame bounties, however, will offer improved rewards for taking them out.


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