Nethershards Farm

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  • You will get 5000 Nethershards per one hour (can last longer, especially if you don't have flying in Legion unlocked).

  • Any items which reward any number of nethershards on use or upon turning in are counted towards total quantity of Nethershards to be farmed.

  • For 5000 Nethershards you can buy Relinquished token, which rewards you 880+ ilvl epic gear and also gives you a chance to target legendaries to a specific gear slot.

  • NETHERSHARD ESSENCE material which is used to craft Legendary item (costs 8000 Nethershards).

  • You can see a full list of rewards which can be purchased for Nethershards currency NETHERSHARD.

  • Login and password, your account safety guaranteed.
NETHERSHARDs were introduced in Legion pre-patch 7.0 as a reward from Legion Invasions and used to purchase entry-level gear and transmog pieces. They now make a return, in WOW: Legion patch 7.2, as a currency used on the Broken Shore, similar on how Apexis Crystal worked in Warlords of Draenor expansion or Timeless Coin in the Timeless Isle. NETHERSHARDs can be found from World Quests, Rares, regular monsters and any other places and activities on the Broken Shore and can be used as a currency for gear, toys, transmog gear, Legendary Crafting mats, 850+ ilvl rare gear, 880+ ilvl epic gear, extra attempts at the Mage Tower Challenge and more. We provide the fastest Nethershard farm service on the market, so save your time buying Nethershard farm service from our boosting team as we can get 5000 Nethershards for you in just one hour!

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