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Division 2 Secret Hunter Masks Farm Boost

incl. VAT €1.37
You will also earn 995 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get selected amount of Hunter Masks farmed for your character
  • You will get some High-End Gear loot for your character

What are Division 2 Hunter Masks and why you need to buy this farm boost carry

If you'd like your character to look badass, you need to get all of the 12 Division 2 hunter masks. Each is a exceptional drop from killing a hunter, which can only be spawned via obscure puzzles and riddles. All these Division 2 masks displayed in the White House since you collect them, and you are able to prove your worth as the supreme Division 2 agent by collecting them. Hunter masks are cosmetic vanity items and will cover your character's entire face. They look like creepy hockey masks and now there are total 12 masks in game, but it is unlikely you'll just encounter the masks during your game play. They require you to finish some unique steps followed by a difficult boss to get them. Together with the Division 2 masks, eight of those 12 hunters will even drop one of those Division 2 Ivory Keys used to open the chest inside the White House.


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