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Conflict Leveling Boost

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You will also earn 95 MmonsteR coins
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Payment methods, supported by Skrill:
  • You will get selected amount of Conflict Levels boosted for your character agent
  • You will get special Vanity items for each 10 conflict levels reached. Check Conflict Level Rewards tab for more info
  • You will get a lot of High-End Gear loot
  • The Division 2 Game on PC/XBOX or PS4.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 40 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our 1-40 Character Leveling Boost or 30-40 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Estimated delivery time highly depends on your current and selected conflict level and thus can not be accurately predicted. Please check Conflict Level Rewards tab for more info.

What is Division 2 Conflict and why you need this leveling boost carry

Conflict is a competitive 4 player PvP mode in The Division 2. Unlike Pvp in Dark Zone, players at Conflict struggle for a group of four to finish goals and win. Conflict has 2 game modes: Skirmish and Domination. Domination is a control point-style mode where the players compete to capture zone and then fight to hold it till a team reaches the final score. Skirmish is much more of a deahtmatch fashion mode where the two groups have a fixed variety of lives. Every time somebody in a group respawns, it costs a team one life. Normalization here balance damage and survivability between players, but this doesn't mean the builds are useless in PVP. Stat advantages remain in effect based on player build. There are 3 maps to choose from in both game modes - Capitol Ruins, Stadium, and Georgetown. They're located in Washington D.C. with a couple tweaks to suit PVP gameplay.

Much like everything in The Division 2, playing Conflict offers you gear as reward. How much gear depends on match and the way you played through it. Most matches will give you 1-3 gear caches for things like winning games or obtaining a particularly higher number of kills in a single game. Cache drops equipment that is slightly above your existing power level, exactly like the loot from campaign missions or Dark Zone. Also, Conflict mode has its own leveling progression and you will get some unique vanity items for each milestone in conflict levels (every 10 levels).

Conflict Level Milestone Reward Estimated Delivery Time
0-10 Rogue Boots up to 24 hours
10-20 Rogue Pants up to 24 hours
20-30 Rogue Shirt up to 32 hours
30-40 Rogue Scarf up to 48 hours
40-50 Rogue Shades up to 48 hours
50-60 Rogue Bandana up to 72 hours
60-70 Major League Gear Dye up to 96 hours
70-80 MVP Weapon Skin up to 5 days
80-90 Challenger Shoulder Patch up to 1 week
90-100 Conflict Trophy up to 1.5 weeks


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