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Destiny 2 The Whisper Boost

incl. VAT €5.69
You will also earn 2995 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get The Whisper Mission completed on Normal or Heroic difficulty for your Guardian in our top Destiny 2 raiding team

  • You will get all Armor 2.0 pieces of gear (weapons and armor) which drop during the raid run

  • Whisper of the Worm Sniper rifle Exotic weapon for completion of Normal difficulty and unlock Whisper of the Worm Catalyst for completion of Heroic difficulty

  • Please add extra options to get additional goals completed and respective rewards gained

  • The Whisper mission on Normal difficulty completed to enter Heroic difficulty
  • Estimated Delivery time is up to 12 hours (dungeon available every three weeks)
The Whisper is a secret quest found on Io that can only be started from Friday till Monday during the Taken Blight Public Event on the Lost Oasis, where one of three bosses has to be killed to open a portal which will start the quest. A completion of this Quest rewards the player with the Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle. The Whisper quest is all about speed and precision since the timer is set to 20 minutes before the players are returned to orbit. There are lots of jumping puzzles with moving objects and traps which can launch a player off the platforms and force them to start over. In the end there are 3 bosses needed to be killed to finish the mission which rewards Guardians with the Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle. After the completion of the quest on Normal difficulty, a Heroic version becomes available from the map of Io, but only when the original mission can be started. This mission have to be completed three times over the course of three weeks to gain the Catalyst, to upgrade it and to unlock A Thousand Wings Exotic Ship (available as an additional option). The Catalyst is unlocked by opening chests hidden throughout the mission. The ship is acquired by completing the Heroic quest three times with the Void, Arc and Solar Singe modifiers. You can buy The Whisper quest boost with account sharing only. Our professional and trusted MmonsteR players will kindly boost your character with this Destiny 2 The Whisper mission boosting service really fast so lean back and watch your character collects all those tasty rewards and achievements and tremendously grows in power!


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