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Blackrock Foundry Mythic

incl. VAT €6.89
You will also earn 4995 MmonsteR coins
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  • 10/10 Mythic difficulty boss kills participating in one of the best raiding teams out there
  • ALL 700 ilvl loot for your character's chosen class and spec, including tier 17 tokens, warforged and socketed items

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  • 100 lvl character
  • Blackrock Foundry, the second raid of Warlords of Draenor expansion, is a place of great craftsmanship and labor. But all greatness comes with a price. These orcs are the primary armorers of the Draenor armies, spending their days and nights hammering upon their anvils. Burning deep within their hearts is a respect for their great leader Blackhand, known as the Destroyer. With the powers of strength and smithing these orcs hope to reshape the world according to the image of the best craftsman in all of Draenor. The Foundry abides in the burning hot depths of the mountains of Gorgrond. Join our team and rush into this epic battle against the Iron Horde to have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had! You can buy Blackrock Foundry Mythic loot run with account sharing or selfplay. For this service the price is listed with or without account sharing so it's up to you to decide for yourself most convenient boost option.

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