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Arcanist's Manasaber

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  • You will get one of the rarest cool-looking flying mounts - ARCANIST'S MANASABER, this reward will be easily yours after you buy our most reliable boost service in Europe (EU region) with affordable price and excellent support.

        • 110 Lvl Character. Don't have one yet? Take advantage of our LEGION 100-110 POWERLEVELING service.

        • We do this service with account sharing, your account safety is guaranteed

        • Good Suramaritan achievement completed (you can add this as additional options if you haven't passed Suramar main storyline)
        • Lead time is 48-92 hours (depends on your current Suramar main storyline progress)
        New Wow Legion patch 7.1 brought few exciting mounts including Arcanist’s Manasaber, which can be easily compared with Mystic Runesaber, the same panther type with equal carcass but tint and saddle are new. Beautiful mount from the royal stables available after player complete the complete Suramar story line Insurrection plus has to get the highest faction reputation level with Nightfallen, exalted. Once it’s done there will be Arcanist’s Manasaber available as a reward for a final quest Fate of the Nightborne. Note that once you summon this mount when in Suramar city, there will be Masquerade available for applying. Lovely mount but really time consuming way to get it or you can simply order it from our professional team and we will provide with the best EU service and get you your mount!

        If you are a true WOW mount collector - check our MOUNTS page as we may have the rarest mounts in game for you. Check our LEGION MOUNTS page if you'd like to see only the latest mounts available in World of Warcraft: Legion expansion!

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