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Hard Wired Gear Set Farm Boost

incl. VAT €2.84
You will also earn 1495 MmonsteR coins
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  • You will get selected amount of Hard Wired Gear Set items in different item slots
  • By default, you will get random item slots (Body Armor, Backpack, Gloves, Knee Pads, Mask or Holster) except full 6/6 Gear Set option where you will get all 6 gear set pieces
  • The Division 2 Game on PC/XBOX or PS4.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 40 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our 1-40 Character Leveling Boost or 30-40 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Estimated delivery time highly depends on a drop chance and thus can not be accurately predicted. It may take up to 2 hours to collect 1 piece of gear and up to 48 hours to collect full 6/6 Gear Set.

What is Hard Wired and why you need this Division 2 gear set farm boost carry

The Division 2 gear sets are a vital part of endgame progress, assemble crafting, and PvP. These armor sets provide unique buffs and traits on your character agent if you have enough gear set pieces equipped at the same time, providing you an advantage over opponents and allowing you to specialize in specific combat playstyle. In Division 2 Warlords of New York Title Update 8, all Gear Sets received a complete overhaul and rework, and now gives stat bonus on 2-piece and 3-piece set bonus, and its respective talent at 4-piece. Additional talents to enhance the overall effectiveness are found on the set's Body Armor and Backpack.

Hard Wired is a Division 2 Gear Set which relies on the use of skills and raises their damage as well as repairing abilities under specific conditions. For builds that concentrate on skill power, running a Hard Wired gear set may be a serious choice. On the 1 hand you lose the talents of high-end set, and creating a decent skill power build is already difficult enough as it's beneath the current, overinflated skill power system. On the other side, being in a position to stun the enemy with Tamper Proof and then fully skip a cooldown period with Feedback Loop can be a groovy combination.

  • Set Bonus (2/6): +15.0% Skill Haste.
  • Set Bonus (3/6): +15.0% Skill Damage. +15.0% Repair-skills.
  • Set Bonus (4/6): Feedback Loop Whenever you use or cancel a skill, your other skill is automatically refreshed and increases total skill damage and repair by 10% for 20s. This can occur at most once per 20s.
  • Body Armor Talent: Positive Reinforcement. Increases Feedback Loop skill damage and skill repair from 10.0% to 25.0%.
  • Backpack Talent: Short Circuit. Decreases Feedback Loop cooldown from 20s to 10s.
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