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Survivalist Specialization Boost

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  • You will get Survivalist Specialization unlocked and fully explored
  • Unique Survivalist Modifiers
  • Signature Weapon: Explosive Tipped Crossbow
  • Survivalist Uniform unlocked
  • The Division 2 Game on PC/XBOX or PS4.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 30 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our 1-30 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Main Storyline Campaign completed.
  • Lead time is up to 7 days.

Specializations are The Division 2 answer for controlling the endgame articles by introducing a fresh development path composed of unique Signature Weapons and exclusive Skill versions, offering players the freedom of choice in regards to character personalization. As soon as you have leveled your character to level 30 and finished the main storyline, one of three Specializations can be chosen from where on new ability mods and different versions of grenades could be unlocked.

Survivalists are able to control even the harshest environments with their traps, status effects and using precision crossbow to shoot off their enemies.

General Modifiers Weapon Modifiers Misc Skill Modifiers
Elite Defence (Level 2)
20% increased protection from Elites
Incendiary Grenade 
The incendiary grenade applies Burn to targets within the radius

Distributed Repair
Armor kits now repair over 5 seconds instead of instantly, but the repair effect now also applies to group members within a radius of 10 meters
The mender seeker mine follows allies and repairs their armor

Triage Specialist (Level 2)

15% increased outgoing healing

Survivalist D50 A
44 Magnum Revolver with optical attachment slot


Explosive Bolt Acquisition
Enemies killed while under status effects may drop crossbow bolts (Signature Weapon ammo).
Disc Mod to reduce the seeker mine cooldown
Crunch Time
10% Skill cooldown reduction when in cover
10% increased Sidearm damage
Group Signature Ammo Supply
The group has a chance to gain Signature Weapon ammo when a target with status effect is killed
Larrea Tridentata Infusion Mod to increase the seeker mine healing
Vital Protection
Reduce the Chance you are critically hit in conflict by 20%
Signature Weapon Damage (Level 3)
Tier 4: 145% increased Signature Weapon damage.
Scraping By
Gain 5 ammo per second for your current weapon while performing a cover-to-cover in combat
Survavalist Tactical Link
Group Members get 10% bonus damage to targets with status effects
Running The Gun (Level 2)
Tier 3: 15% increased Shotgun damage
Survivalist Uniform
An outfit for the Survivalist
E.M.I. (Level 2)
Tier 3: 15% increased Assault Rifle damage.
Infantry 5.56
Mag Custom magazine for 5.56 Assault Rifles


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