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Zandalar map

We are going to tell you about Zandalar Empire today, the new continent of the upcoming WoW patch Battle for Azeroth. What is worthwhile to discuss about Zandalar is what kind of wow location it is and what difficulties Horde will face at Zandalar and which locations of Zandalar you must visit in 8.0 patch.


Zandalar is the ancient Troll empire that exists at Azeroth from prehistoric times. Once upon a time all trolls lived as the one and whole family but after some time they started to roam out of the borders and to live as separate tribes. among the high rocks there is the most ancient town on the planet situated, Zuldazar, trolls consider this city a sacred capital. Here in Zuldazar trolls kept gathering together to forget all conflicts and discuss common problems. But many of the devastating events undermined the greatness of Zuldazar. First it was the Great thundering and then Cataclysm; from then on trolls of Zandalar live on their own and do not interfere into the issues of Azeroth.


The Lore of the Zandalar will be all around the riot of trolls and the phenomenon of the prophet Zul who is trying to pollute Zandalar empire with fel and to subdue Zandalar. Also, Horde locations in zandalar hold few dungeons, such as Atal'Dazar in Zuldazar, grand capital of Zandalar Empire, Temple of Sethraliss in Vol'dun, The Underrot in Nazmir, King's Rest located within Atal'Dazar and Kezan, the Goblins homeworld.



The beautiful “maian” looking capital of the Zandalar Empire is Zuldazar. The architecture reminds of Maia people and it probably means that trolls´race is very ancient. The city is decorated with the bright gems and gold. Zandalari trolls adore gold and appreciate it not that much as a currency but mostly as decoration which you will see on their transport, in whole Zuldazar location and of course heritage armor for Zandalari trolls which you  will receive after wow subrace boost. Also city of Zuldazar is well made for the dinosaurs that live there. Zandalari mounts are mostly dinosaurs, trolls decorate them, almost worship them painting dinosaurs arts on the walls, ornaments, gear and kitchen faucets.

The heroes of Horde will meet the current king of Zandalari Rastakhan and his daughter, princess Talanji. horde will help them and ally with zandalari trolls. Also we will be going to the great tomb of Atal´Dazar, this is where the Zandaral storyline culmination is waiting for us. Heroes will fight Zul and his allies. Also local quests will tell us about the first king of trolls, Dazar. The city was named after king Dazar.



For many years Zuldazar restrains the invasion of the cursed blood trolls that come from the land of Nazmir. this location used to be beautiful blooming place. From the start of the times Titans were trying to find a way to end up with the Old Gods inside the Azeroth without causing any harm to the sleeping titan. They constructed the Uldir Laboratory in the subsoil of Nazmir, where they conducted different awful tests and experiments which aimed to help them in the search of answers to questions as well as to destroy the Old Gods´ tentacles. One day the situation got out of the control and the huge nasty monster was created in the depths of Uldir. Titans could not get it back under control so all they could do is locking it in the Uldir lab under protective seals. After Titans left the Uldir lab became a prison for this creature, a huge warm named G'huun. Soon many of the trolls began to worship G'huun calling him the God of Blood. These trolls named themselves Blood Trolls, tend to perform rituals and sacrifices, smeared their bodies with blood, lived in wooden huts meanwhile Zandalari trolls went on with developing their civilisation and building cities of Zandalar empire. Blood trolls are sure that the whole world must obey them and G'huun. Their cult turned to a threat for the surrounding lands; normal Zandalari trolls had to protect themselves from the blood trolls.

With the Cataclysm Nazmir was destroyed with the tsunamis and beautiful sick forest turned into the dark and dangerous swamps where Blood trolls tribes live now. Blood trolls constantly experiment with the blood magic which is dangerous since blood magic is risky and destroying kind of magic. Blood trolls drew attention to the Necropolis of Brownsamdi, the largest trolls tomb where they began to resurrect dead trolls, making them obey the God of Blood G´huun. Thus, new undead filled  up their ranks. Souls of the dead trolls woke up and roamed in Nazmir, scaring creatures around. and then the blood moon rose above the temple of Brownsamdi. Blood trolls are not planned to become the nest allied race in WoW.


Vol´dun map

Vol´dun, just like Nazmir, used to be a beautiful forest in ancient times. Things changed with the war against the servants of C'Thun. These awful bugs ran through the Vol´dun and desolated this land. Becoming a lifeless desert Vol´dun was a shelter for prisoners from all over the Zandalar. Zandalari trolls considered Vol´dun to be the death trap but after some time life started to get back here and Vol´dun became home to Sethraks, the serpent people. Their empire is powerful and these creatures cannot live elsewhere, they got used to the sands of Vol´dun. There are some rumors on making Setrack a new allied race in Battle for Azeroth yet it has no confirmation for now. Setrack as new allied race? We will see what future holds :)

Sethrack practice lightning magic and worship so called loa. The age of reptiles is unknown, they use lightning's energy to create gear and weapon. Sethracks are enemies if the blood trolls. After the capture new lands they build their villages and settlements there, so Vol´dun location is getting more and more inhabited with Sethracks. In the middle of their lands there is a Temple of Sethraliss stands. This temple is probably named after the first rules of Sethracks.



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