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World of Warcraft what´s next 2019 : 8.1 and 8.2 patches review

To understand what is coming next in wow we will make a short notice that three patches are waiting for us at the edge of 2018 and 2019 in our favourite game. Let´s see in details what to look forward to in the World of Warcraft BFA before Xmas and after new year will come.

Where do we begin? We start with the fact that Battle of Dazar Alor Mythic raid is now cross server from today and you can get a boost in mythic Dazar Alor by using mmonster service, fast and easy boost Buy BOD Mythic Boost Now

After we master mythic uldir and have our main and twinks geared enough, allied races playable on the account and pathfinder part 1 completed and ready, we can get bored a little and there will come patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance that will happily bring some new cool things to do!

Patch 8.1. Tides of Vengeance : 7 main changes


tides of vengeance

Battle of Dazar´alor new raid best wow guide

The new raid where sets are back in business! Its awesome news since the contact at the start of BFA was getting quite boring and after gearing your main, you had to gear your twink, making quest campaign and war campaign for them and azerite armor did not become that popular as blizzard expected. Tier Sets were more interesting for the players and old gods know that we want it all back! If only prayers could be heard and implemented immediately then maybe master loot would also be back in BFA… but dreams aside, we are into the newest raid, Battle for Dazar’alor and we are ready to help you to get gear boost in battle for dazar on normal , heroic mode on the first ID after raid is released and it will be launched on 23rd of January 2019! Awesome content different a little for Horde and Alliance, nice gear sets in Dazar Alor boost are possible faster that you can imagine with Mmonster EU boost team. War campaign 2nd part alliance will get 5 quest chains, horde will get 6 new quest lines with the war campaign, it will go on and on and on… until you will get bored and just let professionals boost your account and make war campaign for you quick and cheap on EU or US server.

War campaign part 2 Expanded

Alliance will get 5 quest chains, horde will get 6 new quest lines with the war campaign, it will go on and on and on… until you will get bored and just let professionals boost your account and make war campaign for you quick and cheap on EU or US server War Campaign Part 2 boost Also there will be nice changes in reputation, if you boost faction reputation on more than exalted level, you will get to the new height and it is called Paragon Reputation and there will be some nice reward given for the Paragon reputation boost in 8.1 patch wow. Follow our news and we will inform you in time about those rewards and changes.  Tyrande and Malfurion quests will go on as well and you will get a chance to customise your Night Elf and make it look like a Black Warrior. From what is known now, your eyes will get black and skin colour will change.
Some storylines will go on also, such as Prudmoore line with some news about Derek, Sairfang will appear again soon. 
New heritage armor sets will become available for dwarfs and blood elfs too!

20-120 leveling for heritage armor set

Levelling your allied race toon from 20 to 120 will get easier and apart from that you will get a nice buff which will be account wide and will increase your experience on 10% while levelling your char. Leveling will be still hard work to do yet of course you can order it for your allied race toon from us and we will get you nice new armour set which is given only for hand levelling from 20 level to 110 and 120. So how to level fast for armour set? Buy boost from us!

8.1 Warfronts and Island expeditions

It will all remain the same apart from that there will be two new islands for island expeditions and there will be weekly quests with some rewards given for them. Warfront will also be added and there will come some new mounts for them too! Ad well as some armour sets and weapon. So make warfronts is worthy especially with the new transmog sets dropping, in forsaken style for the horde and night elves for alliance, Yet of course gear and weapon won't be that epic as in Battle for Dazar'alor raid!

New Mounts in 8.1 or how to make Hivemind wow?

Yes, indeed, the newest mount came in, its called Hivemind and so far its one of the best mounts in wow at the moment! It looks like big jellyfish- brain. You turn into Hivemind and then people who also have it, you can unite into one chain and able to fly together! How to make Hivemind? We know and can help you easily with it! Its just one click away HIVEMIND MOUNT BOOST Also there will be fantastic mount from Jaina in mythic difficulty! It will drop to one player in the raid so in the middle of content it wil be highly wished and wanted, but mmonster will be able to make it for you quick and for fair price Buy Glacial Tidestorm Mount Boost  

Jaina Heroic Kill

How to kill the final boss in Battle of Dazar´alor and why its worth it? Jaina will be the final encounter and only a few will have her kill in the end of January and rare drops from her in the end of the fight. Item level of loot will be from 400 up to 430 from Jaina heroic kill and she will drop on January 23 featuring a whole new experience for each faction independent progression and unique bosses. Both the Horde and the Alliance have their own starting points and own ways passing through a total of 9 bosses (including 3 opposite faction's encounters through different flashback stories) with Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself as the last encounter of the raid, which drops 400+ item level loot (up to 430 Titanforged). Join this epic adventure alongside with our best EU boosting guilds, be the one of the first to kill Lady Jaina Proudmoore Heroic and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had! Jaina Heroic Kill 

Patch 8.2. Rize of Azshara 8 top changes

rize of azshara ultimate guide

New Zone Nazjatar

The new zone in 8.2 will be the city built by nagas for the aim of the revealing their power and coming back to surface from the depths after thousands of years. The Nazjatar location will be placed in the middle of Great Sea and is an underwater location. For know its not known whether new 8.2 raid will be the underwater raid but most likely it will be.

Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid

Here comes the new raid in wow, Azshara's Eternal Palace! It will consist underwater boss, maybe even N´zot himself and Queen Azshara as the final raid boss! Tides of Vengeance raid will be in beautiful location in Nazjatar, underwater continent of Azeroth and will bring nice rewards after raid carry. We will keep an eye on the news to update you about all Azshara's Eternal Palace bosses and Azshara's Eternal Palace loot.

Mechagon Megadungeon new dungeon

There will be new zone added in 8.2 called Mechagon and there will be completely new dungeon in it, very big instance with total eight bosses and it will become available only on one difficulty mode, mythic one. It will consist of 2 parts and will be a little like Karazhan in the Legion expansion. Rewards are not known as or now but one boss we know- King Mechagon.

Island Expeditions Crestfall and Snowblossom

While Island Expedition in the 8.0 patch was not too exciting yet it brought some rewards as azerite for our super duper neck artifact, in the new patch 8.2 Blizzard promises two new island expeditions with nicer rewards and greater interesting locations! Let us wait a little and see what they will be like^^

8.2 wow storyline

It will be spinning around Sylvana, Jaina, Bronsebeard Magni and other most important figures in the Battle for Azeroth. What will happen to Sylvana? Why she is making all those things in Battle for Azeroth, turning into mad chief of the Horde? Will she be stopped or followed? Betrayed? These answers and many others we will find out further in Bfa. Some spoilers on what´s going on in 8.2 and Thrall´s return  

Heroic Warfronts and New Arena 8.2 patch

New Arena waiting for us in 8.2 patch probably release date will be somewhere in the summer of 2019 or even late spring. Also warfronts will be available on the heroic mode and we think rewards will get better due to higher difficulty mode!

8.2 mounts wow

There will be kind of a steampunk surrounding in megadungeon and rewards will be much in this style. No info yet about the mount from Megadungeon but just to make a guess it will be something...mechanic^^ As well as in Nazjatar there will be mounts like giant crab and seahorse. Yet sadly it is still lots of time until release date and we dont have info what mounts will be given for.

Flying in BFA, gnomes and taurens heritage armor sets

What can be better than looking at all BFA zones while flying your lovely mounts? Have you made pathfinder yet? Part one of pathfinder is the longest one and can be done now. BFA Pathfinder buy boost  Gnomes and taurens will finally get their own heritage armor sets in 8.2! Yuhuu!