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tomb of sargeras

You probably been asking yourself when is the next WoW patch is coming, well 7.2 is about to be here! What should we expect from 7.2? 
WoW has grown more dynamic lately, with the Legion expansion we have a chance to experience vivid universe with changes that cover all our expectations from the favourite game, which Blizzard is proving once again in a patch 7.2. This update is called minor due to Blizzard itself yeti its always major for us when it coms to new raid and new mounts group, isn't it? So lets begin and take a closer look to what we re going to do, which new things we re going to get and where we are going to have our adventures.

    1. World quests, that some of you have mixed feelings about, yet once they are done, they bring loads of benefits! Some of the world quests are becoming class specific. In general we see that Blizzard is making the game more class focused which only raises our interest and love to our favourite char and curiosity to chars that we have never played for. But what can be more specific than a...
    2. ...mount for each class! This is truly amazing in this patch , and mounts of 7.2 patch deserve their own overview, the only thing to say here is that you will not be disappointed , at the opposite you will have a big wish to boost your character up to the second when the brand new in-class mount will bring you up in the skies above Broken Isles, and, heh, the flying will also be finally available in 7.2, no more miserable dying caused by the mobs on ground! First time in wow class flying mounts
    3. New class order hall campaign: 7.1.5 patch allowed us to open third relic for our artifact weapon, whats given for finalising it this time, we don´t know yet and even PTR wont give you the proper answer, but secrets will be revealed next week!
    4. Armies of legionfall. We do like when new factions appear, gaining repuration with them might give a good loot and different benefits. Well, Armies of Legionfall, Ladies and Gentlemen, new Legion faction! They are here to defeat the Legion and probably will be the core of the upcoming plot in later patch so we wont see them dissapearing in nearest time. Legion Assault will also begin, which will completely change the quest line and add three players scenario to fight on the Legion ships in the skies. This is just awesome. Ah, by the way, there will be added one more nice thing: reputation beyond exalted. Idolisation maybe? :)
    5. Now onto Gear, Tier 20 is coming with the new raid instance Tomb of Sargeras which will come a little bit later than the patch itself. Gear sets are just fantastic and even you see some flashback to Tier 6, this modified Tier 20 is still gorgeous! More details in the following news.
    6. And of course, new raids and dungeons! First and foremost, the Tomb of Sargeras, epic raid instance is becoming available a little later than the patch release! Huge raiding zone with 9 bosses ( new boss models among them also) including avatar of Sargeras and Kill Jedan as a final boss.
    7. Cathedral of Eternal Night, 4 bosses dungeon, on all 4 difficulty levels including mythic plus!
    8. New legendaries are coming, some of them will be crafted! Yay!
    9. Pets such as hero of warcraft and illidari
    10.  Artifact power, active and passive artifact traits, 26 new talents, 163 mil artifact power, new artifact knowledge levels, new artifact relics which will modify two traits, whats more??
    11.  And finally, new PvP season plus new PvP mount rewards!

It's a completely crazy, huge pack and you should not miss it in any case! If you play WoW for years and years hope you will be as refreshed with 7.2 patch as with Legion release. Have an amazing gameplay you guys and cheer up, gear up! 




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