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Uldir Halls of Controll Raid Guide

With the Uldir raid, we begin the true journey in the Battle for Azeroth expansion and this raid promises to be something special. Let us tell you why…

uldir bfa raid


Uldir Halls of Control is a construction created by the Titans in prehistoric times in order to study Old Gods and to raise the monster that will destroy Old Gods´ tentacles. To fight with evil itself you need equally big evil but sometimes things go totally wrong… There was a huge monster created, later known as G´huun, the last boss of Uldir BFA raid. When Titans saw G´huun, the Blood God as Blood trolls call him, they got terrified and locked G´huun under the protection of three seals and powerful keepers waiting for the players outside the Uldir location. Once you´ve beated the Keepers out of Uldir, you will get reach the entrance to Uldir raid and see the bosses it has to offer. Get it done now with reliable boosting team, raids carried every single day! ULDIR HEROIC BOOST


Uldir release date should be 5th of September 2018, third Wednesday after the release of BFA. There are many rumors yet let´s bet on the third week after the release date of BFA 8.0. By the way, Battle of Azeroth release will be going on simultaneously at all servers, EU, US, etc.


Uldir raid is situated in the Nazmir, one of the locations in Zandalar, the Empire of Horde at Battle for Azeroth. Nazmir is the land where Blood Trolls live and worship G´huun. Is G´huun by the way the fifth Old God? There are some speculations about it, yet it's not proven by Blizzard or through data mining of Warcraft.  


Heroes will go to Uldir together with Trall who will bring the ashes of Vol'jin and will summon his soul. This is the major spoiler and biggest surprise we are revealing for now. Are we going to see Vol'jin's return and is he going to reclaim the Warchief of Horde? We will see...


By the structure, Uldir reminds Black wing Descend or Emerald Nightmare, non-linear structure of the raid will allow you to choose the order of the bosses slaughter. And of course, as always in any raid all dungeons, all bosses must be killed before you can get your hands to the last boss - G'huun. G'huun Heroic Kill


Uldir testing is in the process and for now, all 8 bosses are revealed and they are: Taloc the Corrupted, Mother, Fetid Devourer, Zek´voz Herald of N´zoth, Vectis, Zul Reborn, Mythiraz the Unraveler and finally G´huun himself. The raid itself is beautifully made in a style of a deep dungeon with Maia styled details. Gold, dark blue and white colours, lots and lots of Blood magic, each and every boss somehow connected with Blood magic since its a central topic of this instance because of the G´huun and worshiping him Blood Trolls.


From now on there will be only personal loot in Battle for Azeroth raids, Master loot raids remained in the past for now. So all those difficult crossing of loot with other classes and specs will be forgotten. With the personal loot, you will get what drops personally to your character in the end of the fight with Uldir boss. If you don´t want painful and long raiding, you can order Uldir boost from Mmonster and we will carry Uldir for you fast and smooth in normal, heroic or mythic difficulty mode. Also please check out the Uldir loot infographics we made especially for you, so you will know the Uldir loot item level as well as Uldir bosses names.


Also what will vary from Legion raids is that relics are gone now in Uldir since artifacts played their role and were sacrificed in the pre-patch of BFA. So Uldir raid will also not have a tier and only plate, mail, cloth and leather sets will be in Uldir loot. But of course, there will good old weapon drop returned in the Battle for Azeroth! We are really looking forward to see Uldir on live! Uldir Mythic Boost