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Top Healers BFA 8.3: What is the best healer in WoW?

Top Healers BFA 8.3: What is the best healer in WoW? Essences for Healer Guide

Best Healer in BFA


In this 3 minutes read you will understand what's the best healing classes in Warcraft, how do I heal in World of Warcraft, who´s the best healer in BFA for you and why, how to increase your healer´s abilities for getting through in Ny´alotha Heroic and Mythic raids and Mythic Plus runs in the new season! Let's go! 
Paladin Heal in BFA Best heal BFA

Priest Discipline in BFA Mythic Plus and Raids

From the start of BFA Priest with discipline spec degraded from one of the top heals to the lowest heal in our rating and why has that happened was that he was nerfed few times to make him less effective in raids, and as the result, we have got helpless the last line in the top heals of BFA. His main issue is the size of the group, in mythic plus dungeons his ability to raise the healing power proportionally by engaging more and more healed objects, is decreased. So DC Priest is way better in raids. This issue is critical on the higher level of Mythic Plus keys. On top of that DC does not have heal burst and helpless facing powerful group damage. His single target heal is also so-so in this patch. Yet the biggest flaw of the DC priest is that he has to choose between single-target heal and AOE heal and he is slower than other healing classes.

 Paladin Holy in Mythic Plus and Raid

Holy Pal is one of the top healers in the whole FBA expansion and that is why. Paladin´s healing depends on burst and not depending on mana so he can keep up the group for a longer time. Holy Pala is able to damage when he has nothing to heal and thanks to this ability he does not have huge issues with choosing between single target and AOE healing. Paladin Holy has few personal saving abilities that can appear to be critical and are able to increase his healing potential. Very useful are his abilities to take off necrotic from a tank or “freedom” to release a player with an active slow down spell.  Holy Paladin Heal has passive and active damage and it is quite serious. All these factors make Holy Pala one of the best heals both for Nyalotha heroic, Mythic and Mythic Plus keys runs. And as a cherry on top, Holy Pala is very easy to play with simple rotations and damage- heal splice. 

 Shaman Restoration in Mythic Plus and Raid

The shaman has the same problem as priests, he does not have a lot of healing produced especially in situations where he has to heal group and a tank simultaneously and he is highly dependent on the position of his group. His Burst is based only on talents and it makes him worst of the best heals in BFA. His saves are limited with reincarnation and spirit link that is useful when grand damage is made against his group although this spirit link has the continuous cooldown. Among his places we name the kick, he is the only heal with such ability.

 Holy Priest in BFA Mythic Plus and Raids

Holy Priest Heal does not suffer from affixes as much as his “brother” DC priest, he is more fit for the Mythic PLus runs even at the higher levels like +15 and higher. Yet, he still has certain issues like no high burst and rather weak single-target healing ability. He has only one personal save and is one of the easiest healing specs to play in the whole World of Warcraft. 
Best Heal BFA Monk

Monk Mistweaver in Mythic Plus and Raid

Monk has started as one of the best 3 heals in the BFA yes lost this position in 8.3 patch. He is losing his mana too fast and this is his own problem in the Battle for Azeroth yet of course he remains the best class for single target heal. He has a good burst when using PVP talent the way of the crane, which one can easily move into PvE using Essence Conflict and Strife His talents and abilities cost a lot of mana and there is a need to use them simultaneously quite often, at the same time monk mistweaver is good in damage. His traditional save such as cocoon is so so comparing to druids save. Monk heal has good mobility and quite a good ring of peace that helps to control mobs and their movements and throw them back if needed, so this is the usefulness of the Monk MW. Also, short cooldowns of his abilities allow you to chose healing variants depending on the current situation. 

Druid Heal in Mythic Plus and Raid

Yeah, Best of the best in the Battle for Azeroth after the first patch of the addon. He does not depend on mana that much, his abilities have synergy thanks to Mastery and they do not depend on the order you use them in. Druid heal gives stable strong healing to the group under the hardest damage. On top of that Druid Restoration has quite an ok single target heal. Roots and wartex allow the group to manure in the pools. Stealth and battle resurrection are the unique abilities among the whole healer specialization in WoW. And of course, Druid Heal is a true survivor, Bear and Barkskin help him to deal with the hardest damage. His saves and utilities are unbeatable and he also deals a lot of passive and active damage! He greatly combines damage and healing so he is at the top of the list.