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The Eternal Palace Mythic Raid All Bosses Tactics | Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Eternal Palace Mythic Guide and Tactics


In this 4 minutes read you will find out all tips and tricks of Eternal Palace Raid Warcraft that you need to know if you are going to play with your guild in this awesome new raid 8.2 Patch on Heroic and Normal modes. You will need Eternal Palace Mythic walkthrough when it gets cross-server, maybe next week! So here we go...


There will be 8 bosses in the Eternal Palace Mythic raid, and they have almost linear order of appearing in Eternal Raid. To open path to Lady Ashvane, boss number four, you will need to kill 2nd and 3rd boss and it can be made in random order. From the LFR we will have 400 ilvl loot, from Normal TEternal Palace we will get 415 ilvl gear, from Eternal Palace Heroic there will be 430+ drop, Mythic Eternal Palace will drop 445 ilvl and the maximum item level of the forged gear will be 455. 

Shivara Guide Tactics Eternal Palace Boss


Shivara Mythic Guide

First Boss from Eternal Palace Raid is spider-woman Shivara. The tactics for Sivara is: the battle is one big cycle phase. At the start of the battle, there will be 2 debuffs used against the group: first the ice debuff and poison debuff in the second part of your raid group. In case you will get damage from any abilities from the opposite debuffed group, you will start damaging all allies. The key point here us avoiding damage dealt from the opposite colour skills. You will need to move from the Ice Mark sometimes so you won´t freeze and stand still in case you got the Poison Mark. First Asvane´s ability you need to note is "arrows". Shivara takes the random player from the raid group in target and begins casting which cannot be interrupted. 
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 Behemot Tactics Guide Eternal Palace Boss


Eternal Palace Mythic Carry

The second boss in Eternal Palace Raid consists of one long cycle phase.  We will have Behemot fight under the water and to swim better we have a sponge to soak ourselves in so it will give us underwater breath and speed enhance. This sponge can be found not far from the boss. Behemot mechanic is following: spell for the heal immunity will be thrown at the whole raid. You can switch it off for 45 seconds by killing small fish who swims not far from Behemot. To get this debuff you need to swim close to a cloud left after the death of this fish. There will be 6 fishes in the fight which is a kind of soft enrage. When biff form the 6th fish is over, raid won´t be able to heal. Bioelectric tentacles boss skill is the cast that the boss uses against the group of players. You should keep the spread during the entire fight. So, you must kill Pufferfish from the pull and grease yourself with his guts all over. While greasing yourself keep the space 5 yards. When the boss reaches 10 energy the buff will end up and we can swim to another platform. In case you are inside the hollow during debuff you need to swim out otherwise it will be one-shot death. 

 Radiance of Azshara Guide Tactics  Eternal Palace Boss

Third Boss of the Eternal Palace Mythic is a huge elemental called Radiance. Arena of the fight, the boss´s model and mechanics reminds us about Hromatic Anomaly from Nighthold or the Eye of Azshara.  The fight itself consists of 2 phases, the usual one and transmission. The boss is standing in the middle of the room and does not move and raiders are located around the Radiance. Radiance of Azshara Boss abilities are Arcane Bomb that get attached to a player and explodes and it will be standing still in the action radius. You can dispell the bomb then it will fall at the ground exploding, please run out of its radius. Then Radiance will collect 100 power and will have an immune to damage so there will start transmission phase. Then comes Stormwraith. Visibility of the players will be very limited. The room is divided into 4 even areas by the traps. Stepping on a trap start the damage and tornado spawns. There will be many adds in 4 areas. You must place two tanks in two upper sectors and place all your raid into the left down sector (if you look at the raid map) so that you will spawn the largest add in the lower right sector. This big add casts spells that must be interrupted. While he throws you back, you must look out so you do not get into the water, use blinks, disengage and other movement skills. After large add is dead there will start the 1st phase because immune for Radiance is gone now.

 Lady Ashvane Guide Tactics  Eternal Palace Boss

Fight with Ladu Ashvane also consists of two phases: phase 1 begins with the boss´s pull and gets activated each time the boss has hardened shell. Phase two begins when players break the shell and boss has zero energy. Thus, it should be your group work in the following way: break the shell of the boss, burst maximum health power quantity, then Ashvane gets 100 energy again and has her shell on right away, but the shell is 150% harder this time, we break the shell again and do so until the end of the boss fight. If boss´s DPS is weak, she will have her shell on for 3-4 times and the raiders won´t be able to break it and probably you will have to wipe. Among abilities, I would prioritise the corals that she spawns. After some time boss stomps and there will start a drop floating from corals towards the Ashvane. If this drop reaches boss, it will restore 10% of Strength and damage the raid. Raiders must pick up these drops. Briny Bubble that will be thrown to few people.. they must come together in bubbles so that the bubble does not get widespread on the whole raid. They must be dispelled as soon as possible. The players with the paired tags that boss threw at them come up in such a way that the lights between them will be able to break the corals.

Orgozoa Guide Tactics  Eternal Palace Boss

Fight with jellyfish Orgozoa also consists of two phases and transmitting phase in between.  The first phase lasts for 3 minutes 30 seconds. The more health power you will take during the 1st phase of boss, the better you will perform in the second phase. Orgozoa abilities are: Dribbling Ichor, ponds of pus appears at the floor, come out of them quickly. Incubation Fluid: dota that is hanged at a random player, this dota removes when transmitting phase begins. This dota can be widespread to a next player if jellyfishes apply electric stream on them. The longed 1st phase lasts the harder it will be for healers to heal all debuffs. When Orgozoa summons small jellyfishes, it is your priority target and you must kill them very quickly! After their death, small ponds remain and tank must soak them. The tank must leave the strongest cooldowns at this moment because if you do not soak those small ponds, there will be total damage caused on the whole raid and wipe chances getting very high. At a transmitting phase, you must run to another room with the nagas incubator. Beware the eggs and other toxic things in this tunnel. At the second phase boss´s abilities do not change but there come nagas from the incubators. Kick the casts of the witch here and share thunder of the trump (big nagas). 

 The Queen's Court Guide Tactics  Eternal Palace Boss

Naga male and female bosses will be fighting with us while Queen Azshara is standing at the balcony and commands them. Their commands will change the rules of the fight. To activate the encounter you must target Queen Azshara and write in chat command /spit. The fight is one big phase where the abilities of both nagas will be repeated for every 30-40 seconds. You must remember when Azshara will command certain things and you will be able to adapt upon new rules of the fight. Nagas must be kept at least 21 yards from each other and they must be killed simultaneously. The orders Queen Azshara is commanding are not randomly chosen so the fight, after all, will be your work to remember which order in what time goes. For instance, on the second minute, you will know that there will be order not to link with another raider and to kill spheres around you. Run into the barrier when Silivaze places it. Also, we must run out of the raid when comes Fanatic Verdict.

Za'qul Mythic Guide Tactics Eternal Palace Boss

Za'qul is the seventh boss of Eternal Palace Mythic raid. One of the most interesting and hard encounters in the Eternal Palace Mythic raid progression. We will be facing this boss simultaneously in three different words jumping from one to another. Stages of the Za'qul fight: 100% his health, 85% HP, then from 70% is the next stage and last one from 60% of his HP. While drowning into the insanity kingdom players will receive debuff: hysteria, dota that can be taken off by some immunes. On the first stage of the raid, healers must work nicely.  Having three fear debuffs on 3 players you will need to remove only two, removing all 3 can one-shot the raid. Avoid tentacles that appear after two lights will unite. Insanity portal: Za'qul opens a portal and huge add comes out from it to Chanel cast that cannot be interrupted. You must kill this add before he finishes his cast otherwise all your raid will wipe. Also, kill small adds coming out from the same portal, done let them mutate into terrible adds. Fear Kingdom Phase: boss creates another portal that explodes after some time, take the boss to this portal and he will absorb the power of the explosion and it will put a good debuff on him also. 

 Azshara Mythic Guide Tactics Eternal Palace Boss

Being the Last boss Azshara is the hardest of course, as usual, the last boss in all raids. The most epic boss, fight with this encounter consists of four phases, two of which are transmission phases before phase 2 and 3. The main Mechanics here is to use ancient seals and you must watch the energy of those seals using new interface panel where you will see how each seal is charged. Azahsra and her allied will use abilities that decrease seals energy so if one of the seals will lose energy completely the AOE against raid will be powerful. In case all seals lose energy the wipe will come immediately. The raider must step on a seal in order to fill it with energy. But each time a player does this, stack debuff is hanged on him. Central Seal of Azshara should be down. Keep 3-4 stacks of Devastation on the raid. Suck in the magical spheres. Before Lure is used we come closer to the centre of the room and grim charmed players. Melee damager must take the spear from the raid and hit the naga´s shield with this spear on phase 3. We must control giants fast and kill them. We kill lovers from the first phase and at the same time. The last thing: we perform all orders of Queen at the transmissions.Keeping it all, You will kill Azshara Mythic!  



Azshara Mythic Kill Loot Run