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8.2 Rise of Azshara: 10 Top Things in Warcraft new patch 8.2 | Best WoW raid Guides

New Warcraft Patch 8.2 : Top Things to Do and to Get in Rise of Azshara

New patch in world of warcraft is coming online 26th of June! Finally we jnow 8.2 release date! For sure patch 8.2 is about to come and we offer you overview of the top 10 changes coming in Rise of Azshara patch! Don´t miss a thing, many great changes awaits

Heroic warfronts in 8.2 Warcraft patch

We had those warfronts all the way and it seems that rewards for warfronts could be better and… prayers have been heard, we are having warfronts heroic mode in 8.2! We will need a pre-made group from 10 to 20 players and the walkthrough will be more difficult yet the rewards will get better. And what is the most interesting here is that heroic mode warfronts are actually possible to lose! You will start with Arathi Battle for Stromgarde heroic warfront. For now, the exact item level of warfront heroic is not known yet as we already mentioned, rewards will be better than in warfronts before. We made the whole review of the Warfronts in Battle for Azeroth in one of the previous articles 7 things about Warfronts you need to know.  Yet the freshest news is Warfront heroic, it will be popular among players!  Warfronts Heroic 8.2 patch

Mount equipment in Warcraft

Surprise! Now our mounts will have gear as well! Kind of, but not exactly gear. There will be some items that will help for example to any mount that is not water mount, to walk on water (almost like a Jesus:) But anyway it is a brand new warcraft feature and mount equipment is definitely worth your attention! Water strider mount will lose the ability to walk on the water meanwhile. But mount customising in wow is needed and it is about a time to launch mount equipment finally! So how to equip wow mount?  For example, Inflatable Mount shoe item for your mount you can get as Blacksmithing recipe and another item for water walking mount called Angler´s Water Strider, you must get an excited reputation with The Anglers Faction.  Want to know more about Mounts in Battle for Azeroth? Here we have a chart of the Best Mounts in BFA
Best Mounts BFA

Mechagon Zone mounts farm and loot info

This is so far the newest type of content in Warcraft with huge Mechagon dungeon and amazing hidden location, like Atlantis but steampunk place with lots of amazing activities and tonnes of things to do and to farm. New 8.2 dungeon will have 8 bosses with different boss tactics of course. So what is special about this Operation: Mechagon Megadungeon? Two Mounts! Nice loot in the style of the whole Mechagon location! Operation Mechagon is more a small raid for 5 people than a dungeon. At the beginning of 8.2, it will be available only at the mythic difficulty and later on mythic plus will be added as well. Also, Mechagon Zone itself is an amazing farming paradise! There are dozens of Pets here and Mounts, profession recipes and strange items that we yet do not know where to apply. For instance, there will be Mechanocat here and paints to customise mechanocat mount. There will be nice pets like Hand Clanking Scrapsorter and different mechanic creatures as well as non-mechanic like Capibara pets. You must explore Mechagon zone and go into Operation Mechagon dungeon as soon as it will be on live servers! 

Nazjatar Zone mounts farm and loot info

Same as Mechagon Zone, Nazjatar is full of amazing creatures, the underwater world yet it will not be totally under water while we are there, it is full of fishes and shellfish, crabs, snails and cute Nagas.. I mean Baby Nagas! There will be an amazing pet in the Nazjatar zone, Baby-naga called Kelpfin and how to get Kelpfin pet warcraft we will know very soon when 8.2 will release. Amazing mounts in this zone including a mount for Glory of the Palace Raider, the new achievement mount from the 8.2 raid Azshara´s Eternal Palace. Traditionally Glory of Raider is a chain of achievements done in raid group on the normal difficulty. So how to get Azshari bloatray? Mmonster will be happy to help you!  Also, there will be some modifications of this mount in different colours but the Glory of the Palace Raider is so far the best Mount in the Nazjatar Zone! More detailed on  Best Mounts in BFA, Of course, the most significant things in Nazjatar Zone is the new raid itself but we will list it here further on, so keep going. 

8.2 patch new pets in Warcraft

Warcraft Pets are also nice in terms of farming aims and as your small moving accessory:) So let´s see what was added in patch 8.2 pets collection. Little Capybara pet warcraft sweetest pet was added and it drops from the last boss in Mechagon Mega-dungeon King Mechagon. There will be like 70 plus different wow pets in 8.2 patch including battleground for pets whereas rewards you will be able to get...new pets! So its a very pet-friendly 8.2 patch we must say! The range of 8.2 pets goes from Chicken pets from Mechagon Zone to Snail Pets in Nazjatar Zone. 

PvP Season 3 Arena and other changes

So PvP season 3 is coming in 8.2 and if you like playing versus other players, not just versus environment, you can always roll into new Arena and this time Arena will be brand new! So 8.2 patch brings some sweet candies for PvP loves as well as for PvE players. New Arena: Mechagon Arena! Yet again Mechagon location:) Also BG will be added, new Epic PvP Battleground called Ashran. And traditionally there will appear new PvP mount Vicious War Basilisk, how many 3X3 wins you will need to get it? We do not know yet but hopefully not more than one hundred. 

Azshara´s Eternal Palace raid Gear 430

Since cinematic about Thrall is in the game already, the events have started to unfold until the patch 8.2 will be released and Raid Azshara´s Palace will come to live server. Some say raids are the best in whole content... Of course, the raid is the most important things in the whole of 8.2 patch! Where else can you try your best fighting skills, get ahead of the curve achievement, and get the best wow gear possible? Where bosses drop smashing gear sets for your cloth, mail, leather or plate character? Here is the new wow raid of course! The release is awaited a little after the patch, around 13th of June as some say yet there is no certain release date for now. So what's going on in this raid? If you don't mind about Azshara´s eternal palace spoilers, welcome to a 8.2 wow patch lore article

All items in Eternal Palace raid drop of 415+ item level, thus having the full gear you will be 415+ and more! There is always small trouble with the neck since it¨s counted in the overall item level of your wow character´s gear. You need to boost your neck in order to make it even or close to even to your gear score.  

So this raid is just amazing! Visually, technically, in any sense, this is the perfect raid! In terms of gear, it brings so many nice items it is not even funny! Seems Blizzard is trying to fix the gap that started with the BFA launch. For now, Eternal Palace raid is not on live servers so get Battle of Dazar Alor heroic raid with a great discount from the best booster shop out there. 

Azshara´s Eternal Palace Boost

Unlock flying in BFA

Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder finally comes to a logical end and will allow you to fly on your mounts above the great BFA zones, getting much faster in all locations and make more in the game during the wow playing time! Flying in BFA did not come fast and was not even on the horizon at the time when Patch 8.0 exploded.

Since August 2018 players managed to make BFA pathfinder part 1 at least what was included in it, such achievements as Battle for Azeroth Explorer ( you need to explore totally all the new zones for both factions), Wide World of Quests (you will get this achievement after completing 100 World Quests in both Zones Kul´Tiran and Zandalar), War Campaign ( complete it only for your faction on this stage, only war campaign from 8.0 patch, you will not need to make 8.1.5 extended war campaign), Azerothian Diplomat ( all factions to revered level at your continent please) and Complete Zone Questlines (make all quest lines on your zone and get Lore Master of Kul Tiras achievement for the alliance or Zandalar Forever achievement for the Horde).

Thus this is how you get flying in wow BFA first part done. What you will need to do in 8.2 patch for flying is ... get mechanical parrot mount! Of course, this is the great reward for the flying unlock, the mixture of steampunk notes in BFA and some pirate remarks, very cool looking mount! ( link for an article about mounts) So what you will need to do and how to get mechanical parrot mount Wonderwing 2.0? So what are the requirements for the Pathfinder part 2? You will need to farm reputation with Rustbolt Resistance reputation for both factions until the Revered level and Ankoan reputation farm until it's revered if you play for the alliance and Unshackled reputation farm until revered status for the Horde faction. Probably you will have to explore Mechagon and Nazjatar zones.

This information here will be updated once we will have the most relevant information about how to unlock flying in BFA so keep an eye on our blog to get the freshest information. So once you will get flying you will also have a nice parrot to fly on! Having a lack of time or hate farming? Mmonster wow boosters will help you to unlock flying in BFA very fast!