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We´ve got some fresher news on Thrall and his return!



There is a curious rumor roaming the WoW community which started with the news that Blizzard bough yet another trademark ”Return of the Lich King”. It might be for HearthStone of course but yet who knows! What if...
Well , the Wrath of the Lick King was one if not the most commercially successful patch for Blizzard and at those times, almost 13 million players playing around is not a peace of cake, guys! Following patches have drowned such an enormous success, meanwhile Legion is about to restore it with as much as 10 million of us! We could be a small country, huh? What might happen if the Lich king will return? This time we returned to Karazhan, and maybe in the future we will be back in Northrend to slaughter the Lich one more time, wouldn't it be epic? All in all, Blizzard is game producing giant with a great huge community around who takes care about keeping minds of the players occupied with the most exciting question «whats next?». So lets play and see what it will be...



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