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Professions in 8.2 Rize of Azshara, Ultimate Guide | Best Warcraft blog

Profession changes in 8.2 patch Warcraft


What is the best profession? How and where to get new mount gear? What are the new recipes and craftable mounts? In this Guide, we unfold all secrets and mysteries of Professions in 8.2 Rise of Azshara Patch!

Blacksmithing Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara


Among 370 gear craftable for Blacksmithing, we have wrists, legs, gloves, boots, belt and shield. All craft is based on the new Osmenite Ore (found exclusively in Nazjatar) so you must farm this component first of all. Among the high raid level gear we have legs and belt, 410, 425, 440 levels BOE ( bind on equip), all this gear is with sockets! You can also craft weapon of 370 item level for your alt for example, such as Sinister Combatant´s Polearm or Sinister Combatant´s deckpounder, two- hand weapon. All this sort of weapons is based on new combatants recipes for different professions. Also, Blacksmiths will, of course, have Mount Equipment like Inflatable Mount Shoes that will allow you to walk on water just like water strider but you will need a reagent from leatherworker colleague in game. Also, you will be able to craft a Mount! This will be Xiwyllag ATV Mount, very cool indeed! You will need to put Monelite Reinforced Chassis and a Super-Charged Engine together and the fast mount is yours! You will need to get to Mechagon Dungeon Mythic to get the Xiwyllag recipe from K.U.-J.O. We have everyday runs there, join us! 

Engineering Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara


New Super Charged Engine is made by engineering in Warcraft as well as many other coolest things! This must be the top profession in 8.2 patch for now together with blacksmithing ( see above). Traditionally there will be Blingtron 7000 craft that will give some presents and clash with other Blingtrones. Two new toys in Engineering are: Wormhole Generator: Kul Tiras and Wormhole Generator: Zandalar. There is no need to explain that they are for alliance and horde separately and these toys will port you to a random location. Eyeglasses Abyssal Synthetic Specs will be 415 item level, 430 and 445 levels! Also, there will be 370 alt weapon here of course as in other professions. Mount Xiwyllag is crafted by having reagents from two professions, engineering will give Super Charged Engine but a recipe for the mount drops from K.U.-J.O in Mechagon Dungeon Mythic

Tailoring Guide in Battle for Azeroth 8.2


What is the most significant here is the Atlas Equip, there will be some items of 370 item level and they are BOE (bind on equip) so they will be probably quite easy to sell on auction and to make quite a bit of Gold! This profession is not very profitable in Warcraft, so maybe such recipes will save this profession at least in some sense. As for the gaming profit, these items made by your tailoring profession will be very good or your twink and this gear is 370 item level. There will e such slots as boots, wrists, gloves, legs, back and belt. The new Material Embroidered Deep Sea Satin is the important component and will cost a lot right after the start of BFA 8.2 Patch. So if your choice is tailoring, you must improve is in 8.2! Also, there are two recipes for Mount Equipment. First one is the Saddlechute which you will use to jump with your mount from the mountains without a risk of falling and dying. Great! Second item craftable with your Tailoring profession is Seabreeze Saddle Blanket which is less useful, has more a decorating function. 

Enchanting Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara


 Here we have some old ingredients so for rings story will be more or less the same as well as prices. Changes will touch weapon enchanting more in patch 8.2. Number one worth to mention here is Machinists' Brilliance which significantly enhances your highest parameter in stats of your weapon. Works for 15 seconds, huh, not bad! Another Enchant is Oceanic restoration that enhances your intellect stat from time to time and restores 400 mana! Which is amazing for your mana eating toon! Naga Hide Enchant is amazing for Tanks and Force Multiplies has almost the same characteristics as first enchant we mentioned but for different stats. So all in all, the new enchanting profession is amazing in 8.2. Enchanting is recognised as one of the most useful professions in Warcraft! So if you are thinking about which profession to chose, Enchanting is definitely the option! You will be able to Craft 370 Wand and to make Mount equipment such as Light-Step Hoofplates that increases your land speed by 20%. 

Jewelcrafting Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara

Jewecrafting in 8.2 Guide

We will have a new Ore called Osmenite and we will sift the Epic Gems from it like Lava Lazuli, the orange stone, Sea Currant, Sand Spinel, yellow one, Sage Agat, the green epic stone, Dark Opale, Azsharine(the red one) and Leviathan´s Eye, the white stone. There will be no stone for Experience thought. 
There will appear 4 new craftable rings, 410, 425 and 440 item level rings. Item level will be boosted step by step. You can craft now new Staff for your Alt with the new epic stones and new ore, Notorious Combatant´s Intuitive Staff, so now you know where to get this Warcraft Staff of very good quality! So Jewelcrafting in Warcraft lost its popularity a bit as it is a quite monotonous profession and does not allow you, for example, to craft something for your Mount as other 8.2 professions allow. Mount Equipment is a very popular new feature! 

Inscription Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara

Inscription in Rise of Azshara Guide

Maroon ink will come as a piece of news in Inscription 8.2. There will be 3 new contracts: with Rustbolt Resistance, Waveblade Ankoan Faction and Unshackled. Recipes will be available after you boost reputation with those factions until revered. We can boost new reputations for you very fast and efficient while you are busy with your everyday activities. Further, there will be 4 ready to use trinkets: Highborne Compendium of Swirling Tides, Highborne Compendium of Sundering, Highborne Compendium of Storms and Highborne Compendium of Mystical Bulwark. These trinkets are exceptionally good! You can craft left hand for your character also but the item level is yet again 370. What else you can craft here using inscription is Vantus Rune for the new raid Eternal Palace. We have this raid every day so you can easily book your slot now and get in the raid in preferred time and day! 

Alchemy Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara

Alchemy in Rise of Azshara Guide

As well as in other professions, skill level in increased til 175. The new Greater Mystical Cauldron based on the new reagents, water was removed from here. Potions include new herb now called Zin'anthid and this is completely new herbs in warcraft professions now. New Potions will be good as well: Superior Battle Potion of Agility, for instance, it adds 5K of Agility to your existing agility, oh not bad for the raid! Potion of Unbridled Fury that delivers additional damage with the fire spells and other significantly improved potions! Some good accessories are added in Alchemy craft as well, Ascended Alchemist Stone and Crushing Alchemist Stone that will gradually increase their ilvl up to 440. So alchemy is worth to develop in this content. 

Cooking Guide in Rise of Azshara 8.2 patch

Cooking in Rise of Azshara Guide

Unagi Skewer gives you such feature as redirection of the damage dealt against you. Mecha-Bytes must be an ingredient for the other professions most likely. Mech-Dowel's "Big Mech" gives you 92 crit for one hour. Fragrant Kakavia brings 198 Stamina for 1 hour, restores your health and mana. Abyssal-Fried Rissole is a new food that adds  93 to your Mastery and lasts for 1 hour. All these and other superfoods are craftable ( or cookable?:) with the new ingredients such as Mauve Stinger, Viper Fish from Nazjatar and Ionised Minnow from Mechagon. So if you ask us whether cooking is useful in 8.2 we would say for the classes that do not heal themselves, yes, for the rest of classes, maybe better chose another profession in Rise of Azshara!

Leatherworking Guide in 8.2 Rise of Azshara

 Just like in Tailoring, here in Leatherworking, there will be gear items Bind on Equip, boots, wrists, legs and belt. Also, leatherworking profession crafts Mail items, not only leather, so there will be 370 gear with a little bit different ingredients. All components for the leatherworking gear will be found in Mechagon and Nazjatar. There will be new recipes for the gear of same item level as The Eternal Palace raid, 410, 425 and 440 item levels. Only one weapon will be added here, the Sinister Combatant´s Bow 470 level. Maybe there will be some additional weapons later. There will be some reagents for other professions, for example, Dredged Leather Bladder that will be usable for the Mount Bonuses Craft which will be quite expensive at auction we believe. You will be able to craft Mount equipment also, a Mount gear Comfortable Rider´s Barding that will protect you from being dazed, quite good, huh!  

Summary of Professions in Warcraft 8.2 

Professions are not dead:) yet at least and this is a piece of good news. They were, of course, less useful in BFA and Legion as we were coming back in memories to good old times when keeping your professions was cool and really useful and they were kind of communication together. 8.2 patch is an attempt to reanimate this connection between professions and some of the recipes are very intriguing, first of all, because of the Gold price and of course because of the new feature mount equipment and the possibility to craft those gear pieces for your mounts. To sum up, do not leave boosting your professions in Warcraft! And, the best of luck in your grind, do not forget that Mmonster has every day raids in Warcraft! 



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