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New Allied Race, Battle for Azeroth news update

There came news some time ago about the new sub race blizzard is going to add in wow battle for Azeroth new addon. They will be called Mah´gars or brown orcs, maybe some of you know this race already but new ones of you will be glad to know some information about this race and history of it as well. Mah´gar means clear, this clan is not different from other clans, but they did not accept the gift of Gul´dan and survived all cataclysm at Draenor. Many years ago horde united into a huge army and stepped across the dark portal, yet many remained in the native world. Including those that were ill with red pox. All infected were gathered in one certain place where they founded a settlement. Long time they were headed by the Garath, but soon the plake took him and the only chief they have until today is a spouse of Garath, Durotan´s mother and grandma to Thrall. After some time they got rid of the disease and luckily could preserve traditions and customs, in the soul of each orc there was a big disgrace toward those former brothers who drunk the fell blood, as they turned into monsters that killed each other for blood hunger.

Try this incredible new Mag´har allied race, and meanwhile Battle for Azeroth is only yet-to-come content, we will be happy to unlock and level any of the four allied races for you: Void Elves, Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Nightfallen. And soon-to-come in new wow Patch 8.0 Battle for Azeroth: Dark Iron Dwarfs, Zandalari Trolls, High Elves, and those that maybe will be added (: Kul´Tiras Humans, Hyldnir, Tideskorn Clan, Wildhammer Dwarfs, Mecha Gnomes, and some other cares are speculated to come. In order to tell you about how we perform allied races access and leveling, here is the little FAQ for you about the allied races HUB:

  • How to get access to allied races? You can order access for any of the 4 allied races from us:) 
  • How long does the service take? It takes from 2 to 5 weeks, strictly depends on your current progress
  • How can I follow the progress? We do not stream our solo content but we can tell you an update or give you screenshot of the current situation on your account . When service is completed, you will be informed.
  • How long does it take to level char from 20 to 110? We do services only manually, in order to protect your account from ban, so leveling takes up to 4 days, plus/ minus.




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