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MECHAGON SURVIVAL GUIDE: Best Zone Ever in Warcraft?

Diving in the fantastic atmosphere of the Steampunk, Operation Mechagon Dungeon, you will find yourself mesmerised with the zone itself, amazing bosses of the megadungeon and kept with an excitement farming of the different mounts in this great zone! Best Zone ever in Warcraft? We are here today to find that out together!”

Mechagon Zone Location

Mechagon is situated to the West from the Stormsong Valley. When we will arrive on Mechagon, we will find the local population, mechagnomes, in the conflict. One part of Mechagnomes wants to change their body parts to mechanical parts completely, the other part does not want to become totally mechanical. We join the side of those Mechagnomes that want to choose between either becoming completely Macha or not. We will help this faction and later we will need a reputation with them in order to open flying in BFA.

Mechagon is farm heaven!

If you like farming and you adore caves with treasures and to solve secrets to summon rare mobs and mini-bosses there you go! It is your farming paradise, the Mechagone zone! One of the best things about Warcraft is a goal, your in-game goal that you are trying to achieve. Mechagon gives such opportunity and more than that, this goal-reaching process may occupy you for a few months! Get Mechagon Dungeon run earlier than others! 

Mechagon Crafting System

We can rely on the fact that crafting system in Mechagon will be awesome, from the trinkets to mounts and to create them you will need to farm different details. Where to find crafting details for the Mechagon items? You will need to defeat the rare mobs all over Mechagon dungeon. There will be some secrets to solve and summon rare mobs and mini-bosses that drop those items in Mechagon. After the playing session, you will find yourself waiting for the new day to farm on Mechagon even more. There will be totally new items type in Mechagon: Customizable Trinkets in Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara  called Pocket-Sized Computational Device Mechagon Trinket and to farm it you will need to start the Quest here on Mechagon and later on, after you obtain trinket you will need to insert Three Punchcards that you will also need to farm previously. So even trinkets are craftable on Mechagon! Those Punchcards can be red, yellow and blue and will be somehow synchronisable with your Heart of Azeroth artifact neck! 

Best Things to Farm on Mechagon

For example, you want to craft Mechanical mount. There will be man mounts craftable on Mechagon and many mounts that will drop from mobs. So farming and camping is something you will learn on Mechagon! Also, there are some mounts that can be bought for the big money, a lot of Gold in Warcraft!  So one more time: mechanical mounts like  X-995 Mechanocat that you will be able to craft using tinkering , Spider Tank Mount that many people love so much, also available for engineering most likely as it says that you will be able to build it yourself and to be proud of it, Rusty Mechanocrawler mount that drops from Arachnoid Harvester mob or boss on Mechagon, so requires camping, it also is a spider-like mount and the Peacekeeper that drops in Mechagon Megadungeon. More about Mounts from Mechagon in TOP 10 MOUNTS from 8.2 patch review! Check that out to see the list of Best mounts in The Rise of Azshara Patch! Xiwyllag ATV is also a crafted mount! So we cannot wait to see how to farm mounts on Mechagon!

Mechagon Gameplay

Mechagon Spider Mount

You kill lots and lots of Mobs, some of them are elite mobs yet they are still easy to defeat, quite easy at least in the appropriate great gear With some good using of azerite talents, you will be able to defeat almost any mob on Mechagon. If you play with your friends, then for sure gameplay on Mechagon will be very easy for you! Though it does not decrease the time for the farming job on Mechagon zone, you will still need to farm a lot, and this is the second news about how to play on Mechagon. There will be two currencies on Mechagon, spare parts, the most used currency that you gain as a reward and as the main resources for creating crafted items on your base. Some items you will get will be for activation of hidden bosses on Mechagon. Why rare mobs on Mechagon are important: they drop special resource, the violet resource that is necessary for crafting time items including for example rings ( accessories for your Warcraft character). You will also need these resources (Blueprint Items) to craft your Mechano cat mount and there will be a studio for you, to paint your Mechanocat mount. What else can you craft on Mechagon? You can craft a trinket with slots for the punchcards! Also, it is worthy to craft.

Mechagon Megadungeon Bosses Tactics

Mechagon Bosses Tactics

This is so far the newest type of content in Warcraft, huge Mega-dungeon and amazing hidden location, like Atlantis but steampunk place with lots of amazing activities and tonnes of things to do and to farm and you go in Mechagon Mythic today with Pro Players Mmonster! New 8.2 dungeon will have 8 bosses with different boss tactics of course. So what is special about this Operation: Mechagon Megadungeon? The dungeon starts outside of the Mechagod zone. Four bosses will be at the island and 4 other bosses will be located inside the Mechagon city itself. There are a certain Mechagon Boss tactics here: you can choose to kill King Gobbamak, Naeno or Trixie first so order of bosses does not matter here yet HK-8 boss (Aerial Oppression Unit) is flying around while you are in fight with other bosses and will be moving only when you will defeat other 3 Mechagon bosses in proper order.More about the Mechagon tactics read in one of the future articles in this blog. There will be info about how to defeat HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit and how to kill Gunker as well.

Inside the Mechagon city we will face the other encounters like The Robodrome - Tussie Tonks,  The Under Junk - K.U.-J.0 boss, after defeating him we will meet Machinist's Garden and as a dessert, we will be fighting with King Mechagon, the last boss is Mechagon Mega Dungeon.


Mechagon Dungeon Loot Overview

Mechagon Weapon Guide


The loot in Mechagon is worth to get! Not only because of the style but also because the items themselves are very good! Let's review some of the most interesting items and see what you can wear on your main! King Gobbamak, the Trogg King, drops some weapons and other gear. He drops two-hand mace called Logg for Paladin DD, Warrior DD or Death Knight both specializations. People are going to be after this Logg because the Model for it is fantastic and it is a Log indeed with some roots, so looks like you are keeping the Logs in both your hands! Another weapon is a Reclaimed Shock Coil Staff for your Druid, Hunter or Monk friend. Cranial Recalibrator one-hand mace for the Shaman, Rogue and Monk hero. Which one to chose, you may decide according to what activities in Warcraft you prefer the most. Different tactics for the different things to do, like Mythic plus or Raiding. Also, King Drops Leather hands, Plate Legs, Mail and Cloth Feet. So enough loot for any class! 

Mechagon Gear Guide


The second Boss is a Gunker who also drops nice weapons, like Salvaged Incendiary Tool, one-hand Axe for Demon Hunter, Shaman, Monk and Rogue, this Axe looks like Bucher´s Axe. The other weapon model looks like Trogg´s Bones and is a one-hand sword, Sharpened Trogg Femur. The rest of the items are pretty standard. Next Mechagon boss is Trixie and Naeno and it drops One-handed dagger Trixie´s Backup Backbiter dagger for your Rogue Exclusively. Very good rogue weapon indeed! The nice model also. Also, Trixie drops amazing Shield which your Paladin, Warrior or Shaman will love, so now you know you need to get Salvaged Mekacycle Shielding for your main in Mechagon as soon as possible! Next boss we will defeat is HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit who drops amazing Range Gun Light Auto-Stabilizing Energy Rifle for your Hunter and it is amazing, we mean it!



Mechagon Summary

So far, Mechagon Zone together with the Operation Mechagon dungeon is one of the best Warcraft locations ever and you will get stuck playing and farming there, no doubts! Get Mechagon Mythic boost today and see by yourself! Best Mechagon mounts and amazing Mechagon Transmog Loot, what else to wish for? Wishing you best of luck and remember in any trouble in online gaming you can address to Mmonster, your nest booster in EU and US! We are as passionate about online games as you are! Love:)