Mage tower challenge has just starter on EU and US servers and will be active for 3 days, plus/minus , after that the Burning Legion is going to ruin it , so we will invest our resourses once again into building it for the future.  How often is Mage tower active? Due to what we could see by now, every 10 days Mage Tower challenge is there and you can try your best skills in order to slaughter powerfull boss for your chosen class and spec and get artifact look which is amazing for any class in fact. So lets see how and what should be made to complete Makge Tower challenge whether you are at US or EU server. 

Solo challenge for each class does not mean there will be separate boss and challenge for every class. in fact there are 7 difference challenges, separately for heals, tanks and kasters. Firt and foremost the challenges are immensly difficult. It will require all your skills and abilities to control  your toon if you wish to complete it. Challenge also seems to be disbalanced, which is actually true. You should apply a lot of straight and power to pass Mage Tower. 

The most important and the key factor here is the item level of your character and some legendaries that increase your chances to win against the boss  immensly. Also you can use chants, flasks and potions, the right talents build to gain some additional power and beat ” that bastard”:) Mind that your first attempt is for free and all following tries to win costs 100 nether shards, so keep them safe and farm them as much as you can.

 Lets study some of the challenges separately.

CLOSING THE EYE atifact class challenge is created for your Frost death Knight, Demon Hunter Havoc, Hunter Survival, Subtlety Rogue and Warrior Arms. Take a look at nessesary item level at our PRODUCT PAGE . In Closing the Eye you fight Archmage Xylem in the Eye and prevent himfrom fully obtaiining the power of the Focusing Iris. You will most likely need Prydaz legendary for Rogue, Death Knight or Warrior, and high item level for your Demon Hunter or Hunter. Rely on our team and we will complete Closing the Eye for your char on EU or US server.

THE GOD-QUEEN´S FURY is the test for your Arcane Mage, Palladin Retribution , Rogues Assasination ,  Shaman Enhancement of Warlock Demonology spec. None of them wont need Legendary except Mage Arcane , and here also Prydaz can be the magic stick which may help you to complete the Mage tower on EU or US server. 

FELTOTEM´S FALL is yet another challenge, this time for your Hunter Beast Mastery ( need Prydaz Legendary to make the challenge possible), Windalking Monk, Discipline Priest and Warlock in Destruction spec. For three last toons note only item level of your gear and artifact level. 

AN IMPOSSIBLE FOE is a Mage Tower artifact Class challenge for such classes and specs as: Death Knight Unholy (mind that Prydaz legendary will be needed), Feral Druid, Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, Shaman Elemental (needs Roots of Shaladrassil legendary), and Warrior fury who also needs Prydaz to make the challenge. We can make it possible for your character on US or EU server,you cna just contact us and we will estimate what´s missing for your toon to make Artifact class challenge. 

END OF THE RISEN THREAT is the challenge for Druid Feral, Palladin Holy, Monk Mistweaver, Priest Holy and Shaman Restoration and the best news is that you wont need any lenendaries for your characters in these specs to complete it! 

TWARTING THE TWINS is also made mercyfully for the following class and spec and won´t require lenendaries : Hunter Marksmanship, Druid Balance, Priest Shadow, Mage Frost and finally, Warlock Affliction. 

And the last Mage Tower challenge for tanks:  HIGHLORD´S RETURN which is spcially designed for Death Knight Blood ( the minimum Item level here required is 915) , Demon Hunter Vengeance, Druid Guardian, Brewmaster Monk, Palladin Protection and Warrior Protection. 

So what else do you need to make it happen? Artifact level is incredibly important as well! If your artifact weapon is not levelled enough, most likely you won´t be able to make this challenge till the winning end. The best way to gear up at the moment and get some legemdaries as well as artifact power is our WEEKLY RAID PACK ULTIMATE which gives your character a huge run in all possible Legion content including all Legion raids and 5 ppl content avaliable in the newest patch.

If you are geared enough and your artifact level is high enough, but you could not complete the quest anyways, you can apply to our boosting team and we will be glad to help you with Mage Tower challenge, it wont take longer than few hours from the order till you have your wonderful rewards for the Artifact Class Challenge win. 

 Take a look at some of the Atrifact skins in order to remind yourself that this challenge is worthwhile to try! 



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