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Best ways to gear up fast in BFA


Finally Battle for Azeroth is here and there are too many questions revealed that need our instant answer, and the most important task for you now i not to start in Battle for Azeroth successfully and also of course how to gear up fast to be ready for Uldir and BFA mythic dungeons!


So here we go step after step: 

How to level fast in BFA:

how to level fast in bfa

Leveling ain´t no easy thing. Remember we levelled in Legion from 100 to 110? Was a lot of fun... for the first couple of levels:) Going quest after quest, farming ears and testicles of different animals, giving them in order to make the next potion and to poison someone powerful with this potion... nah:) we can set you free from this crazy questing and make fast leveling for you in 24 and 48 hours here lvling 110-120

as well as 20-120 leveling of your allied race hero (takes longer than 110-120 though). Remember that you can level with quests as well as with dungeons on the normal difficulty from 115 level some of them will open so you can level your char faster. 

What will leveling give me you ask? Fresh new BFA char of 120 level who is ready for the next adventures coming... 

Some people made 120 lvl in 4 hours! Some monsters made it in 12 and we made it in 16 as first night leveling for our customers and they were one of the first on their servers to join the Battle for Azeroth with their heroes!

War campaign BFA Guide:

war campaign BFA

This is the Holy Grail of the whole beginning of the Battle for Azeroth expansion ( after levelling  of course). The answer to all your questions is yes you need war campaign! It unlocks the 10th dungeon (King´s Rest access, mythic only dungeon) for your faction and you will need it just for that as well as for some green gear. It is made in couple of weeks. 

With the start of the War Campaign you will get access to the table with allies, same as we had in Legion class hall. You will end War Campaign with 5 allies total and will use them during the whole expansion. With War Campaign you get access to Zandalar continent if you play for Alliance and to Kul Tiras continent if you are for the Horde^^ Also with War Campaign you get access to War Effort Advancements and access to start Farming reputation with the 7th Legion faction. It will be needed for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder later  and you will really need a Flight Master Whistle in case you are lost at any of the locations and you need to get to nearest flight point. 

To get it all you simply can push this button Buy War Campaign

New allied races BFA access

bfa allied races unlock

There will be 4 new allied races unlock-able in BFA and more information about them you can here here  To start farming them today you will need a character of the 120 level and with this you can begin your epic farm and if you are tired on half way, we are here to assist and to unlock any of the wanted 4 races for you Allied races unlock

Just remember for some races you need alliance character of 120 level and for 2 others you will need horde 120 hero. 

Dungeons gear in BFA

bfa mythic heroic dungeons

Must be the most effective way to boost a little, yet you need to have 315 item level in order to start your BFA heroic dungeons run. Please check our ultimate guide for BFA dungeons here 

For the mythic dungeons you dont have any certain requirements except that you need war Campaign to be done for the access to 10th dungeon, for both factions, and you need to click this button in order to get mythic dungeosn run Mythic Dungeons run.

Gear level for heroic dungeons is 325+

Gear level of the mythic dungeons is 340+

Also you can get the whole full gear collected for all 13 slots of your character, we make it for you easily and smooth, just contact us after seeing this page





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