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Heart of Azeroth wow BFA


Quick and best Guide for Heart of Azeroth and Azerite armor


“Two new major changes from BFA will replace the Legendaries from Legion and Artifact weapon. Wonderful new features from Blizzard in wow battle for azeroth expansion! Heart of Azeroth not to be confused with Shaman´s class hall name, its a new feature in WoW, guys! Shamans just sold their classhall^^ Kidding “

Heart of Azeroth item

Instead of the Artifact in Legion we will get the Heart of Azeroth, necklace that will replace artifact weapon in Battle for Azeroth. This Neck will be there with you during the whole BFA expansion. There will be no need to farm artifact power anymore! forget all those millions and billions of the AP. No more tigel and artifact boost for the different specs. We will also now have a choice between the weapons.

Heart of azeroth how to get?

Magney Bronzebeard will give you a quest to obtain Heart of Azeroth. In order to get the questlink for the Heart of Azeroth make the first quest of Battle for Azeroth on 15th of August and the Battle for Lordaeron as well which you are supposed to do in pre patch from 18th of July 2018.

Heart of azeroth neck

So, what will be the heart of Azeroth about? This will be the amulet, neck item, the gift of the Azeroth Planet and Magni the Bronzebeard and this heart will be there with us during the whole BFA expansion. Can you still use both artifacts? No, legion artifact is gone, forever, farewell to it.

How to enhance heart of Azeroth?

It can be done only with the help of Azerite , the special substance which you will absorb automatically on the way during the gameplay. Azerite is the blood of Azeroth shed after Sargeras plunged his sword into Azeroth.

Heart of azeroth list of traits

Heart of Azeroth will enhance chest,helms and shoulders. Opening new and new traits of Azeroth heart you will open new abilities of each gear piece. Each of the gear pieces talents will look like three circles places one inside the other one, where you will see the traits sets. opening one circle you can choose one of the offered talents and the first ring will open 4 traits, then you open second smaller ring with 2 talents and the last ring to open contains with only 2 traits to choose from. It is not known for now whether there will be new rings added.

Getting enough Azerite

The heart of Azeroth is getting the new level. After reaching certain level Heart of Azeroth will unlock access to talents of other gear parts. For each spec there will be same level set so won't be needed to boost each spec of Heart of Azeroth separately like we did in Legion. So for tanks, heals, damage dealers it will be the same on boost, phew!^^ other than that process of unlocking new talens for the Heart of Azeroth will be almost identical to what we have had with the Legion Artifact boost. Bfa artifact as you can name it.

Heart of Azeroth ilvl

Right after you get the Heart of Azeroth , its level will be on 1 position and item level of it is going to be 280. You will need to collect Azerithe, the stone shamd blood of Azeroth, soul of the world who is somewhere out there deep in the Azeorth planet. This way you will boost your Heart of Azeroth artifact amulet and open new talents for our Gear pieces.

Heart of azeroth traits guide

Blue ring contains spec and location specific artifact traits and traits depend on how you have got the item and in which way you are going to use it, for instance PvE works in PvP. Role enhancing traits from the Green circle These traits are chosen depending on the roles(specs) your char has:these traits will be only shown on ilvl 340 and higher of your Azerite armor. Traits from Yellow ring focus on the defensive traits and finally central traits that increases your azerite armor ilvl to 5.
Azerite Armor

Azerite armor quick guide

Azerite Gear

Azeite armor is going to replace Legion Legendaries. Helms, shoulders and chests for now, maybe there will be more azerite items added later in BFA. These azerite armor pieces will get certain bonuses and talents which players will be able to choose on their own. Azerite armor system has certain limitations: getting higher quality azerite armor is not easy, getting some talents player needs to have certain level of Heart of Azeroth artifact

Azerite armor BFA Guide

Each piece contains 4 rings with different traits that will empower your gear a lot, changing or enhancing current spells and abilities, will empower your spec. For example at two same azerite shoulders traits will always remain the same,these traits can be found in ingame journal. Each of the azerite gear pieces will not have secondary stats.

Azerite armor where and how to get it?

Difficult number 1 in getting azerite armor is that the issues and places where you get it are limited that is why you won't be able to farm quality azerite items as a goal. It means azerite armor will be in a need. Here are the places where you can get azerite armor: some quests during your leveling in BFA: Get 110-120 boost now


Then the next level of Azerite armor lays in dungeons of heroic, normal and mythic modes which you can order from us, fast and painless bfa dungeons carry guaranteed: Get Heroic Dungeons Boost now and Mythic Dungeons Boost now


Finally, new mythic plus dungeons there will be azerite armor of the higher item level from mythic plus weekly chests: Mythic plus boost


Also of course Azerite armor drops in Uldir raid on all difficulties and for sure it will be higher level there. Good luck in obtaining your new Atifact Herat fo Azeroth and your new Azerite armor in BFA!


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