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How to play Destiny 2: What a noobie needs to know | the best destiny 2 guides

New Destiny 2 is raising popularity in many EU countries now as well as in North America and other places, so how many players play destiny 2 now? Some sources claim that up to 8 million people, yet others say that only as much as 270K players played Crucible and more than 600K players played in destiny 2 pve part. Anyhow, game is awesome and we are here to talk on how to play Destiny 2?

How to play Destiny 2

So, you started to play Destiny on your PC of PlayStation, probably you have basic version of the destiny 2 game, so-called Vanilla Destiny and it might take couple hours for you to play in until it's done and for the true gameplay you will need to upgrade till Forsaken addon that came out on 4th of September last 2018 year and now in March of this year, right now, there was be new addon in the game, Joker’s Wild Destiny 2, with it there came out many nicest destiny 2 new weapons and activities but we will speak about them a little later in this article.

What class to play in Destiny 2

Classes in destiny: hunter, warlock and titan. Each of Destiny 2 classes has 3 underclasses that differ by the type of the natural damage they cause: fire, electricity and void.

How to unlock the subclass in destiny 2? You will need to find the subclass relic to be able to do it, so you can play warlock for example in all 3 damage subclasses. Each subclass in Destiny 2 has it's own super, grenade and rift. Those are specified subclass abilities. In order to understand which one is yours, you will only need to play some of them yourself and then to chose;)  

Destiny 2 hunter class: its a classic stalker, fast, maneurish, able to make different things with bows and other weapons they have and get during the gameplay.

Destiny 2 Titans are powerful, big, protective, they can set protection for themselves as well as for the crew, their abilities are made for this: energetic barrier, Flashbang Grenade, Towering Barricade.

Destiny 2 Warlocks are battle space mages, the decoration of the Destiny universe. Powerful abilities, skilful treatment of the natural elements, they can support brothers in arms with their special buffs. Warlock is irreplaceable in the team play and Destiny 2 PvP.

You can create 3 characters on same one account. You can create 3 of one class yet it is way better to create Titan, warlock and hunter and give them all a try to impress you.

How to get gear in Destiny  2 and how to get weapons in Destiny 2

So now, you have chosen the character to play in Destiny 2, completed a couple of missions, and you have got some loot collected: armour, weapon, some sort of items. But you need to make your settings in such a way that the gameplay gets more and more interesting. There are slots for the weapon, you can use two weapons at the same time, yet there is a weapon for the first slot, for the second one, which one is better for each slot, we will discover in one of the future articles. For now, we are only studying the basics. We will only mention that in the second slot you must put the weapon with a certain damage type. Also let´s mention Destiny 2 tiers of weapon: white is the simplest one, the green one is an unusual weapon, blue is a rare thing and velvet is a legendary weapon, yellow is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2, the highest grade of a weapon in the game.

You will be able to have one exotic weapon at once at your character and same with the gear, only one exotic gear element at a time. So most of your gear will be of the legendary level.

In Destiny 2 weapon setting there are perks. For each type of the weapon, you need to choose your own gadrol- perfect sets of perks. Perks on your gear only play aid role, so they are not as important as weapon perks. Perks drop randomly.


Destiny 2 gear fast

Destiny 2 armour: gear consists of the 5 fragments. The difference in gear is only in classes: being a hunter you cannot wear warlock´s gear and titan cannot get hunters fragments. Gear, armour has some stats in destiny 2 as well as for example in Warcraft: gear with bulletproof characteristics, mobility perks, perks that restore your health level. In Destiny 2 if you have full armour set it does not give you any buffs. 

What depends on gear level in Destiny 2? Your gear level is important, it means in what activities you are able to take part and how effective you are going to perform. In the standard edition of Destiny 2, you will be able to boost until 20th level and 300 power level. With add-ons, you will get 50th level and 600 power level. So for raiding it definitely makes sense to buy yourself add-ons and be up-to-date in the game. 

How to level fast in destiny 2?

The standard edition in Destiny 2 gives you 20 level and 300 power level. For now you destiny 2 levelling is from 30 to 50 level and 700 power level. If you want to raid in destiny 2 and you have lower power level then your allies, you will be dying more often then they do. 
The answer here cannot be universal so if you want to know how to level fast destiny 2 char you can try the following activities: you can play PVP destiny 2, you can use Destiny 2 PvE events, you can buy fireteam medallion from Everves (donate NPC) which gives additional experience in destiny 2 game. You can buy destiny levelling boost from us, we will be glad to help you in any destiny service boost for your character, destiny 2 raids and other activities. 

Destiny 2 end game activities

Destiny 2 end game activities: the most important is MMO, multiplayer game Destiny 2 means that you play with other people, its an MMO shooter not in vain, so do not play alone, won't be so interesting and easy. How to get armour in destiny 2? Completing tasks, something will drop, also after killing enemies there will drop engrams that consists of random rewards. To encrypt the engrams, you will need to get to cryptarh in the city or at a farm.