The meaning of Brawlers guild has always been a test of your fighting skills and obtaining an amazing unique mount from the current content. The "sacral" meaning is all the pleasure and fun you get from World of Warcraft Gameplay. Since Mists of Pandaria, Brawlers Guild was a source of pretty good loot as well. So what’s good been added into it in Legion and why should you take it into consideration?

Old good acess to brawler´s guild system remained, yet its not quite known how exactly to get it, probably it will drop from one of the elite vryculs. Anyway,afterwards an invitation comes into your mailbox and then you can queue like you always did and for sure some bosses are different this time; it is what makes us so addicted to Warcraft, new challenges, huh?

Bosses do hit your face, why shouldn’t they? Each of them has separate strategy to apply at in order to slaughter. With the epic music on the background, Brawl feels amazing all in. Bosses can be repeated from the previous patches yet dozens of them are brand new and will make you sweat, some literally, with their AOE abilities that fire up everything around. Each win gives you 250 points, there are 4 bosses in each rank, seems nothing really changed which is definitely good because reaching the 8th rank you gain your deserved Basilisk Mount called Brawler´s Burly Basilisk and many sweet little spoils on the way to the highest step of your carrier as a Guilder. Also be aware that you can be summoned to participate in the rumble against some raid bosses.

What makes it so worthy? Get fresh mounts now, they are way easier to get while in the current content, some of them drop from bosses with the possibility as high as 100% and afterwards the content is out of date, this chance may decrease to 2% or even less; there are some players that go to get their dreamed mounts from past content for weeks, months and years, just because they didn’t get it at the moment when mount was so easy to obtain! In case of Brawlers Guild Mounts, buying it would be the smart thing to do, as once its gone, its gone forever. Blizzard updates content quite often now and adds so many new great things that you should use any possibility to get cool Legion mount, or a piece of gear which in case of Brawlers Guild are different shirts, lots and lots of them. Also pets are at your service, such as Tylarr Gronnden and Clock'em who is mechanical battle pet. All this together makes brawlers guild really worth your attention. Are you ready to loot? Then be ready to rumble!



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