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BFA patch 8.1 overview and leaks: 8 top features

BFA patch 8.1 overview and leaks: 8 top features


Newest info about 8.2 patch can be seen here in the article 8.2 PATCH REVIEW

Patch 8.1 when it comes out and how it will look, what it will change for us, the players, and will it become a salvation for the things we do not like in BFA so far? Lets overview!

We have been discovering Battle for Azeroth locations now for some time, doing some world quests and making war campaign, mythic dungeons, and progressing in Uldir raid on LFR, normal, heroic and some of us even on mythic difficulties yet Blizzard does not give us any breaks and now we will face the new 8.1 patch coming out quite soon with so many nice new features you can easily get lost in wow game and forget to do other things…. so let's see what we are about to experience!

Battle of Dazar´Alor: release date and info about new BFA raid

Siege of Zuldazar boost

Battle of Dazar´Alor boost Battle of Dazar´Alor new BFA raid, second BFA raid to be exact, with 9 bosses on board, or Battle of Dazar'alor, in other sources, is the second BFA raid and the unique raid in a way that every faction now will have their own experience in the same raiding instance! Like for example, as an alliance, your starting point will be in docks and you will have to go up in the pyramid while fighting the king of Zandalari, Rastakhan, who will be one of the bosses of the new 8.1 raid. As a horde, you will do what's possible to protect your capital city and your starting point is going to be outside the pyramid on the north side from it. You will fight the forces of Alliance and will meet Jaina of course. First 3 bosses of Siege of Zuldazar will vary for your faction and then last 3 bosses will be in common for horde and alliance. Thus Battle of Dazar´Alor is 9 bosses raid and as soon as it comes out we will have Battle of Dazar´Alor boost in normal, heroic and little later in mythic difficulty!

Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid: release date and overview

Crucible of storms boost

Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid boost The new raid will be released after Siege of Zuldazar going to reveal hidden secrets of the Stormsong. It will be two bosses raid and who these bosses are, we do not know yet. We have a guess that the bosses will be named on Blizzcon 2018 as well as release dates for the 8.1 raids. The Crucible of Storms instance will be located under Stormsong Valley and supported with the world content. Also, a guess about Crucible of Storms will be connected with Old Gods somehow and hints to Queen Azshara. Probably also Lore chains about Saurfang, Tyrande and Vol jin will be unfolded more, which is really intriguing counting Battle for Azeroth storyline. We wait with impatience! As soon as the raid will come on life, we will start to carry Crucible of Storms on EU and US in normal, heroic and later on Mythic difficulty.

Zandalari Druid and his Forms

Zandalari druid boost

Druids must be one of the most changing class in terms of specs and looks when you transform from one spec into the other. Just remembering Legion druid looks when you gain some artifact appearance, they were fantastic! But yet not as gorgeous as Zandalari druid forms in BFA. Due to the ability of druid taking different animalistic forms, he can be a bear, a Moonkin, a cat and other nice animals. In the case of Zandalari druid forms your druid will be able to transform into the aquatic form as a shark, flight form as a pterodactyl, bear form of your druid as strange bear- porcupine kind of animal or even a turtle bear druid, travel form as a dinosaur and Moonkin form as a strange bird standing on two paws. Yet all shapes look gorgeous and we highly recommend you to have Zanalari druid to be able to get these fantastic looking shaped for your dudu!  Get Zandalari druid boost cheap and fast! 

Kultiran Druid and his Forms

Kultiran druid boost

Druid as a super flexible class in the world of warcraft has always had a variety of forms yet alliance forms not always been as good as horde forms… until now! You cannot even compare it with any of the druid shapes from before, its totally and utterly fantastic! Drusts themselves are mystical and wood-looking creatures, yet this wooden look really fits druid the most! Druid is all about animals and trees, they are at the side of nature and came out of it. So, drustvar kultiran shapes of druids in BFA 8.1 patch is as great as it gets! Just take a look at the wooden bear in motion, or look into his shining green-blue eyes and his almost a crown at the front of his head! Kultiran cat form is also irresistible and no wonder if for the sake of playing kultiran druid you will change faction from horde into the alliance. His moonkin form looks wild, its still as funny as classical one yet with some changes in the style of drusts, travel form as a deer and flying form as a huge bones´n´wooden bird, and finally aquatic druid form as a cat- shark! No boundaries for the fantasy! Get Kultiran druid boost cheap and fast 

Allied races 8.1: races gear sets and other info

BFA races gear

Races gear sets BFA Gear: Old races will receive their own heritage armor in 8.1 patch! It means that not only new allied races can get their heritage armor for the 20-110 hand levelling, but also your good old monk or DH will get his own racial complect! This time only two race complects will be added: dwarfs and blood elves. Yet we hope more is to come! in order to get such sets you need to make the storyline. With the maximum level of your hero, you can easily login in game and get this armour easily. Don´t have 120 heroes yet? Get it done fast and smooth! New Allied races will come up finally: Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari troll, long-awaited and wanted so much! Allied race requirements in patch 8.1 for wow will be to get war campaign done, get exalted with Kul Tiran or Zandalari allied races and then in the events after or before new raid you will receive access to new allied races in 8.1. Boost it fast and make it your main character to play! More info about new allied races here


Warfronts in patch 8.1

Warfronts 8.1: now we are pushing on enemy faction more and more, influence on opposite (blue of red, depends on) neighbours will increase, also there will come an invasion like the one we had in Legion as well as new world quests will appear, new local quests (link) By doing invasion for your faction you will decrease local quests of the opposite faction and open new tasks for your faction. New Warfront will be added: The battle for Darkshore ( where there will be a battle undead vs the night elves) and since patch 8.1 two warfronts start being available at the same time. Don´t miss your chance to play it with us, fast and without losing any feathers^^ Basically now we will have warfronts every 2 weeks out of the month. Get Warfront boost fast and easy!

Some other changes in patch 8.1

Some classes will get updated of course as it happens with every patch. There will appear pet dungeon so our pets can get into their own battle. Island expeditions will get more variety, azerite armour will get new traits. Good news is that reputation farm will get faster now! It means you will spend less time for farming. Probably tier sets are coming and bonuses for having 2 and more items from the set are going to be improved. So when is 8.1 patch? No one yet has a final date but in analogy with Legion, it might be at the end of October- the start of November. Wait for it any Reset now! If the info is coming, we are in to inform you so you can follow this article and we will update it as soon as we have the final release date of BFA 8.1 patch.