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BFA Dungeons Guide

Finally the content in wow is as comfortable and interesting as in the Wrath of the Lich King and we think Battle for Azeroth will give the second breath to World of Warcraft.
So after the Battle for Azeroth patch comes out, you will go to level your main in BFA and some of the dungeons you can already visit at the level of 115, and they will be available at this level separately for horde and for alliance. But let´s review them now by factions. You can run them on normal, heroic, mythic and mythic plus difficulty, in order to get a run with us to bfa dungeons, just click this button: BFA Heroic Dungeons Or for BFA mythic dungeons boost you can simply come here and order the run BFA Mythic Dungeons



Freehold is a shelter for pirates, where they drink, ruffle and boast with their robberies and other dashing feats. Sullen but merry atmosphere reigns in freehold dungeon, but Kul Tiras laws are not in power and favor here, pirates are freedom loving people,so they rampage and feel like home in Freehold. You can carry Freehold with an alliance character of 115 level but if you are horde, you will need to level up to 120, then welcome to Freehold, though you are not welcome here for local bosses which you will be able to feel on your own skin. What´s going on in freehold dungeon: Irontide Raiders, large pirate band is keeping Freehold under control and trying to impose one´s rules here in order to make local pirates to go to sea under their flag. Such alliance can be a threat to all inhabitants of Kul Tiras and lands nearby. So you will need to enter the Freehold and to slaughter Pirate barons and this treat will finally come to an end.


Skycap´n Kragg: he is an Orc with his Parrot and they spend time by guarding the Freehold and patrolling the skies above searching for those fools who will take a risk to encroach on treasures of freehold. Everybody thinks they are guarding but mostly they drink rum (yohoho) and take naps.
Council o´Captains: three captains that summit in the city to plan upcoming robberies and swoops.
Ring of Booty: the tournament for fighters of all kinds take place in city time after time and no one can even compete the huge Ogr who is this strange arena champion. Some fearless combatants have tried to defeat him and in the best case they left arena injured when in the worst of cases..
Harlan Sweete: Irontide captain, their chief and one of the wealthiest pirates in the whole world, none of our business how he has got his fortune^^ but some we know, he is in favor of Lady Priscilla Ashvane who is the head of Ashvane House and old friend of Catherine Pourdmoore. Harlan Sweete is the last Freehold boss.


Tol Dagor is the next Alliance dungeon and is a big reminder of colonial times in the West Indies company. Let´s see why. First of all Tol Dagor is a prison far away and situated in an island and belongs now to the Ashvane Trading Company that keeps dissenting and rebels there. All in all Tol Dagor is a dark dungeon as prison should be so. We can see some paralels with Tol Borad. In one of the rooms there will be occupants that play Hearthstone. Blizzard like to quote themseselves^^


The sand Queen: it's a creature that lives under the sand and no one even manager to escape the prison of Tol Dagor due to the high risk to meet the Sand Queen. Though meeting with players won't bring too many troubles since the boss is quite easy. just beware of the ability when it disappears suddenly and then comes up under one of the players. Gonna be fun!
Jes Howlis: he is a pirate and the head of the gang here in prison. He will try to kill the group with taking off 50% of health and after that he will be running around and opening the bars to free the other scumbags so you must stop him before that.
Knight Captain Valyri: she is responsible for the arsenal in Ashvane, so the fight with her promises to be unique in the sense of players to take advantage of protecting explosive items since Knight Captain will be trying to detonate them. In case her fire abilities will reach any of the barrels, damage will be spread much around. So in order to avoid it, your group must remove the explosives and place them elsewhere., far away from this boss.
Overseer Korgus: he is a warden here and keeps the life of prison as good as he can. He loves azerite not less than we do! His abilities are to shift between two arsenals and controls the canons so beware as this boss is powerful!


Once a posh manor of Waycrest family who ruled the ancient Drustvar, nowadays this place is the seedlings of dark rumors and masters Lord and his Lady locked in their huge mansion. some say about screams in the middle of the night and people disappearing here, dark rituals and other mystic things.


Heartsbane Triad: these brothers and sisters dedicated their lives to the magic and trying to grow in power with the help of the special diaphragm.
Soulbound Goliath: union of the tortured souls from the people of Kul Tiras, and it is the monster who swallowed them, so their screams sound like an echo coming out of this monster.
Raal The Gluttonous: gluten free disregard to its name^^ used to be the main cook at the kitchen of Waycrest family. But now this kitchen is more like a horror chamber where he brings his own parts to the guests that risk to juggle here.
Lord and Lady Waycrest: drowned into the grief because of her sick husband, the mistress of the mansion lady Waycrest is calling to any force able to save her beloved husband and her prays have been answered by Gorak Tul and promised the salvation…
Gorak Tul: ancient Drust was once defeated by the soldiers of Kul Tiran 2700 years ago. He was captured in the Blight Lands, he waited for the chance of revenge. Luckily for him, his fans and followers have comploted to open the bars and let him go out.


The last alliance dungeon is a monumental temple located in the Stormsong Valley and a house for Tidesages, this place was corrupted by the dark force which may take the local powerful fleet of Kul Tiras under its control.


Aqu´sirr: the depth holds many mighty secrets inside and the lord of these dark waters Stormsong summons one of these sacred creatures to repel possible attacks on the shrine.
Tidesage Counsil: Ironhull and Galecaller guys try as much as they can to inspire and to beatify the ships of Kul Tiras so they can continue being the best fleet ever seen in oceans.
Lord Stormsong: master of the house, he heads the tdesages when it comes to blessing the fleet but things sometimes are not what they seem to be and there can be other side of the coin here.
Vol´zith the Whisperer: he was sent by Azshara to ruin the harmony among tidesages and he whisper to those who are ready to hear.


Cunning and insidious Lady Ashvane raised her fury against the weak resistance in the city of Boralus and now when the place is in fire, only true herois can get the chaos down and take away Ashvane from control over the region.


Chopper Redhook: His atrocity is known all over the place, in Boralus and in Kul Tiras as well. He uses the support of the Irontide forces to grow within the Boralus, enjoying the unrest in the city and developing it.
Sergeant Bainbridge: he is a furious officer growing in power because of the taming the iron. the belief in weakness should be punished with death sentence and Bainbridge knows it, sending those who dare to humiliate him, on the block.
Hadal Darkfathom is the ocean giant summoned from the depth of the seas to release his rage against Boralus, its citizens, buildings, statues and the whole life of this place.
Viq'Goth: Lady Ashvane summoned him from the deep and he ruined the harbour. He is able to pull few ships under the waters so deep that they will be squashed with the power pressure, he must be defeated until he will destroy the Kul Tiran fleet.
Dread Captain Lockwood: he is a master and commander of the army artillery. He put his cannons inside the palace, threatening to Proudmoore to destroy the place if they refuse to surrender.