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After 3 weeks of raiding in Dazar Alor and starting Mythic progress in Dazar´alor we have quite a good opinion about the raid because of the few key factors. In this article we will discuss those factors and will give you ultimate guide in BoDA raid.

Battle of Dazar Alor strategy of the raid: Alliance and horde roles. Its bosses

After entering the raid from 2 different locations, we will all fight 9 bosses, 6 of them will be a little different for horde and alliance. Again, Battle of Dazar alot is the first raid where bosses and experiences for both factions, horde and ally, split.Yet of course in the end there will be 3 same lasts for both of us, red and blues. Here is the table of how it's going to look for us:
Alliance Bosses Horde Bosses
Champions of the Light
Ra´wani Kanae
Champions of the Light
Frida Ironbellows
Jadefire Masters
Grimfang and Firecaller
Grong,the Jungle Lord
Grong the Revenant Jadefire Masters 
Flamefist and the Illuminated
Opulence Treasure Guardian
Conclave of the Chosen
King Rastakhan
High Tinker Mekkatorque
Stormwall Blocade
Jaina Prounmoore
One thing in lore about alliance is a little misleading: why would one spend so much human resources to attack the capital of horde? alliance is getting suicidal attack to Nazmir, why would someone with a good strategy brain do that? Maybe it's an attempt to show how huge sacrifice is in order to dramatise the lore as much as possible, who knows…

How to defeat the boss strategy: both alliance and horde

After alliance lands, we meet Zandalari paladins, if you want to have the same Zandalari Pala or another playing class of this race, you can order from us now Zandalari trolls race unlock

The main paladin should be taken aside, his auras changes and during one aura you can hit him and during the other aura do not hit him. And as usually do not get into flames. Then we will have a monk and a mage to fight with.

Abilities of those bosses for horde and alliance will be the same, models also, different will only be looks of the bosses. In the normal mode this raid is quite easy with 375 gear. Monk and Mage turn into phoenix and dragon in the end of the fight which is quite exciting.

Next boss is Grong, The Jungle Lord tactics: we knew him from before and taught him as alliance players. Grong was resurrected from dead by Bonsamdi along with other deads in Zandalar. Do not let Grong get energy, there will appear add sometimes whom you kill and then a small sphere appears from him, you bring this sphere to the boss on 50-60, and Grong starts to hit the ground with his huge paws. Manage his energy and he will be dead quite soon.

Next one will be Opulence treasure guardian tactics: one of the best bosses in this raid instance. On this boss you must split to two parts and to enhance by stones that are located in two sides. in the end of the traps you will find those gems to reinforce your raid. There are special stones and universal stones. Be attentive when you choose them.

Then Conclave boss tastics: typical boss with various mechanics. when you kill one boss, the other one is healed and then second new boss appears, you have the new combination of bosses. Looks a little bit like Klaxxi from Pandaria. Some bosses summon Loa that are not easy to fight.

After you have Rastakhan boss tastics: here on this boss worlds split to shadow world and real world, at the cartain stage Rastakhan summons Bvonsamdi in order to help, the loa comes and takes you in the world of spirits and in this world you cannot completely understand what to do. There is uncertain debuff on this stage as well as some other unseen abilities appear. So this boss cannot be considered as super interesting to fight with. Should be more visual and obvious. Take control over the totems. Old and forgotten mechanics. After king Rastakhan is dead, you are switched to the other side, and you look like horde chars.

So, you starts the fight with High tinker mekkatorque: tastics are not simple as the boss is quite fun and with many different mechanics. The promise here is that you will definitely have a lot of fun! The whole raid will be turned into many small gnomes. Killing this boss would not be possible without voice conversation as you need to see the codes above each other´s chars. when you are in the form of gnome, do not let others to step on you.

High Tinker Mekkatorque kill

Next boss will be Stormwall Blokade tactics: you split to two sides again and fight on two ships with two bosses. Can be that your group will not have enough DPS to kill this boss. Probably soon this will be nerfed, at least on normal difficulty mode. So in order to kill this boss it is better to be geared properly Get Dazar Alor heroic Full gear

End boss is Jaina Proudmoore tastics: the fight with Jaina consists of two phases and 2 transmission. one of the most significant Jaina´s abilities is the Ice touch, this is the debuff that decreases your speed down on 2% and manages a little each 2 seconds. The effects summ up and once players health goes down on more than 80%, player will get frozen. Also beware of the barrels, barrels must be taken off board fast. In Boda heroic the ship where you start the fight with Jaina will be bombarded by the other ships. This bombarding damages a lot and kicks all raid back out of their abilities zones. on 64% of HP Jaina teleports from the ship and freezes the ocean. Players must run and reach Jaina to transmit to second phase of the fight. When at least one player reaches her, the 2nd phase of the Jaina kill begins. Jaina will use avanahce and other abilities on this phase. surrounding will be also against players, the Proudmoore battleship will be flying above and shooting the players. One the second and third phases control the stacks of the ice touch. It may happen that most of the raid will be in ice rocks. Use barrels to clean stacks. Better leave them to the final stage of the bossfight. In case you want professionals to carry you in Jaina heroic mode, press Jaina heroic kill carry

Jaina Heroic kill


Battle of Dazar Alor Raid Rewards: mounts and pets descriptions

Amazing mounts in dazar alor waits for us. First and foremost is mount from Jaina mythic, elemental that drops as personal loot with 100% guarantee qhile raid is actual content. This is highly wished mount and do not lose your chance to get it while it has 100%! How to get Jaina mythic mount? Order it from us! It will be available quite soon in EU servers (March) and later on US servers (April). So, get Glacial Tidestorm is easy, just order it from us here Mount from Jaina mythic kill Also, there is another mount that that is really cool! G.M.O.D. mount that drops from mekkatorque. Mount from mekkatorque how to get it? It drops randomly in LFR, normal , heroic and mythic modes in BODA raid, just continue going there and it will drop. It is a flying mount! Another great boda mount is Dazar'alor Windreaver. How to get Dazar'alor Windreaver? This mount is given for completing Glory of Dazar alor achievment which consists of few achievements that must be accomplished in the raid group. You can easily order Dazar'alor Windreaver from us Glory of Dazar Alor Carry and we will deliver it fast and safe. Now to Dazar alor pets and battle pet. Enchanted tiki mask is the child of new enchanted recepie. It is a sticky pet that stays along:)


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