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Battle for Azeroth: New Kingdom Kul Tiras!

With the launch of Battle for Azeroth in WoW alliance will have a new kingdom Kul Tiras with the announce of 8.0 patch wow we finally could see the new continents yet we were aware of them but had very limited information. Those continents are Kul Tiras, continent for Alliance and Zandalar, a shelter for the Horde. What do we know about these places?


The Kul Tiras story started long ago. Let's remember the events of the second and third wars and then we will deep into the continent of seafarers. During the battle with orcs, Kul Tiras kingdom played the deciding role into the victory of the Alliance, closing down the gulf and sinking more than half of the fleet of Orgrim Doomhammer Chief. Though alliance fleet was carrying to chips the ships of Horde, dragons on the side of the horde became the turning factor in the war. Alliance warship were turned to ashes. In the end of the day horde lost the war. So inhabitants of Kul Tiras, as well as their ruler Admiral Daelin, started to hate Orcs from that very moment. They met each other again at the shores of Kalimdor when admiral was looking for survived people of Lordaeron. When admiral saw orcs he was in rage and claimed war to the new horde but he was stopped by Jaina. After this betrayal Kul Tiras left the Alliance empire to become an independent state turning away from the world around which brought suffering. For now, you manage to find Kul Tiras flag, also.


Coming back to few thousands of years before these events, after the foundation of the first human kingdom Arathor and victory over trolls, humans went out of Strom to explore the territories beyond. One of such groups traveled and reached unknown continent with high mountains and green valleys. Soon humans started to build first settlements there and develop arts and crafts. Soon Kul Tiran humans noticed that they are not alone on this continent. Wow Kul Tiras map consists of 3 closely settled islands of Stormsong Valley, Tiragarde Sound, and Drustvar. 


The island of Drustvar was home for ancient human-like race Drust. Kul Tiran Humans could not find common ground with them and started a war that lasted for 2000 years. The warriors of Kul Tiras were getting bigger and stronger, giving birth to strong and powerful kids and widespreaing their powerful genes for generations. Such powerful men were usually becoming monster hunters. Drusts meanwhile stopped developing in their fights against humans, that caused the geopardy of Drusts. They died out physically yet their souls remained and watched humans of Kul Tiras from shades. Among Mages women, there was some interest to druid´s rituals of Drusts. This magic changed their minds and ruined their bodies, they turned into ugly witches remaining to live in the forests. Lady Waycrast made an agreement with Drusts in order to bring them back into life in one or another form. So witches realized their old through to instill the souls of Drusts into the cane golems made of wood, bones, and stones. These powerful creatures raged against the population of Drustvar and they won't step back until they vanish everyone. Its us, who has to help Kul Tiran humans to find a way to win against the new and old forgotten enemies in exchange for their loyalty to Alliance empire. We will get into the Watcrest Manor (needs level 110) dungeon instance at Durstvar island, one of the first dungeons in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. 


The second island is a Stormsong Valley. From the very moment of humans coming here, they have noticed high activity of the Elementals. Located at the shore of the Great Sea, climate here is very different from neighbour islands. Human of Kul Tiras from Stormsong valley feel connected with the water and could find a way to communicate with elementals, to understand their language and culture, to interact with them. These elementals were called Shamans but they preferred to be called Tidesages. They had constructed huge kraken-shaped temple called Shrine of the Storm. Before launching a new ship, Tidesages were invited for rituals, also their rituals were used when the ship was leaving the bay and coming back into the port. This was the secret of invincibility of Kul Tiran fleet. Also, Tidesages watched the behavior of the Great Sea, stopping storms and calming down the elements in a moment when necessary. Our old "friends" Quilboards also remained here after the Great Thundering, isolated from the whole world. But now the Void sneaked into the temple and Tidesages went insane together with elementals. Even Water Leviathan got infected. This terrible event was like a sign for the quilboars, they decided to start attacking the settlements of Kul Tiras understanding that Tidesages won´t prevent it anymore. We are supposed to stop them and to fight against them in the Shrine of the Storm dungeon instance, one of BFA alliance dungeons (needs 110 level of your character)


Tiragarde Sound is the third island of the Kul Tiras continent. It used to be calm and comfortable humans settlement but after some time turned into the shelter for pirates. If you love pirates,Tiragarde Sound is the place for you in wow. Ruled by Katherine Proudmoore, Tiragarde Sound in WoW is known by its fogs and high rocks that surround this settlement. You will be meant to open the conspiracy and bring back the former glory to the House of Proudmoore. The BFA alliance dungeons you will see here is Freehold, located in the capital Tigrande Sound, this dungeon is packed with bandits, marginals, thugs, and thieves. Your character must be 110 level to enter Tigrande Sound, one of BFA alliance dungeons. Also, you will face the dangers at the prison island situated off the mainland of Kul Tiras, the dungeon called Tol Dagor. Your character needs to be 115 level to enter. Here is the quick overview about the new alliance continent. If you want to know more about dungeons for Alliance ( yes, dungeons will be separate for two factions before the maximal level of 120 welcome to our next guide, Dungeons of Horde and Alliance in Battle for Azeroth