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Allied races in Battle for Azeroth: which race to choose and why?


More allied races to come in Battle for Azeroth! Whether you are Horde or Alliance, come in to check what´s the best allied races to play for and what´s in the menu for each of the 4 new races coming in August! At the end of Legion expansion, we saw some possible variants of the allied races, such as Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren for Horde, Void elves and Lightforged Draenei at the side of Alliance. The plot of the game itself supposes that in Battle for Azeroth both Horde and Alliance will start looking for union with different races. So if you haven't played any of the accessible allied races heroes, you need to try it!

With the launch of BFA 8.0 patch in WoW there will be more allied races to come: for the side of Horde we will get Zandalari Trolls and Mag´har Orcs as the allies, and Alliance will become friends with Dark Iron Dwarfs and Kul Tran humans. Now that new races are available for both factions and have to be unlocked in order to create and play your new toon, you will have a quest chain for each race to unlock or we can do it for you fast and painless while you do your things: link. So let's see what's so special about the new races, some of their abilities, small history of each race and of course the look, which is very important and plays the main role in choosing whom to play in upcoming Battle for Azeroth. 



Mag'har orcs allied race bfa

Uncorrupted orcs, in their time they refused to accept, fell from Gul´dan. They survived all cataclysms in Draenor. Many years ago horde united into the huge army and stepped across the dark portal. But many orcs remained in their own world.

Orcs Looks

Men and women are powerful, from light brown to dark brown, few tattoos, teeth were sewn into their skin (men orcs), few face variation, standard orc faces, totally new nice haircuts and beards for men orcs, bow-backed and straight postures of men orcs, long braids for female orcs. Maghar orcs look really warlike.

Racial Abilities

They have some differences from the standard Orc racial abilities.

  • Ancental call: each 2 min your power will be increased by 102.
  • Open Skies: your speed when you are riding a mount is 10% faster.
  • Savage Blood: such sweet nice things as Curses, Diseases, and Poisons are going to affect you shorter time, by 10%.
  • Sympathetic Vigor: it's a pet ability, makes your wow pet healthier by 10%.

Playable classes

Mage, Hunter, Monk, Priest, Shammy, Rogue, Warrior. What class will you choose to Play in BFA as Mag´har Orc?

Allied Race Access

To get allied race access you will need to complete a scenario, just like you did to open Legion Allied races. For now, it's known that this scenario will be account wide, so you can open it with your either alliance or horde character.

Allied Race Mount

Of course, Maghar Orcs will have their starting mount. Once BFA comes, hurry up to get Maghar access! 

Why should I choose Mag´har Orc?

They are awesomely powerful looking! Brutal creatures, for sure! Their racial abilities compliment classes abilities are accessible for their race in Battle for Azeroth 8.0.


Zandalari trolls allied race bfa

It is a very interesting choice of the race to unite with, Zandalari trolls are maybe the best allied race highly expected in new expansion Battle for Azeroth 8.0. Some players say that Zandalari race is so good that it makes them think Blizzard loves Horde more than Alliance. But we are sure in Battle for Azeroth you will be able to enjoy all 4 new allied races available very soon. So let´s see what makes Zandalari Trolls so special and why to chose this allied race to play for in BFA. Zandalari Troll's shapes are something to mention here first: new druid forms for cat, bear and moonkin are phenomenal! Also, Zandalari druids will have their own flying and travel forms.

Zandalari trolls appearances 

Blue-skinned trolls, tall and straight, with muscles, from green to blue, different shades, they have tattoos and nice new haircuts, fangs and big feet, creating your new allied race troll, you will definitely love the process!

Racial abilities

Only names of abilities are known so far, they are City of Gold, Pterrodax Swood, Regeneration and Embrace of the Loa, what are they about we will see later and for now we won´t go into theory crafting).

Playable Classes

Warrior, Zandalari Druid, of course, Hunter, Rogues, Warlock, Mage, Shaman and Priest. Many awaits Zandalari Trolls be also Paladins but for now, we do not know whether its gonna happen or not in BFA.

Heritage Armor

Zandalari Heritage armour sets are really gorgeous and organic looking, counting the culture of this allied race. Gold elements, blue feather, all in all, your Zandalari Troll will look very tribal style with a touch of Mayan influence in wow. Bravo, Blizzard!

Allied Race Mount

Zandalari trolls will, of course, have their own racial mount, Zandalari Direhorn, as well as shamans, will have Zandalari style totems. It all spinning around Zandalari style in the location of Zandalar and a new race, Zandalari trolls in Battle for Azeroth.

Why choose Zandalari Trolls?

They promise to be the most lovely druids and really beautifully made BFA allied race! Plus straight walking troll? Why not! 



Yeah, new humans! Bigger, more beefy and powerful! Developing as the race among in the environment of war that lasted for 2000 years will, of course, make you bigger and taller.

Kul Tiran Humans Looks

Kul Tiran humans in BFA, both men, and women are massive and much wider than regular wow humans. Customisation options include hair colours, from blonde and red to black and grey for Kul Tiran men and women, so you will be able to create younger looking and aged Kul Tiras allied race character. No tatoos available. Facial hair for men, beautiful hair options for women.

Racials and Race Mount

Racial Abilities and Race starting mount for Kul Tiran humans are still unknown as for now. 

Playable Classes

For now, it's known about druids with different drusts forms for bears, cats and moonkin, also flying and travel form is in the style of the Drusts, the former enemies of Kul Tiran humans.

Kul Tiran Access

To get allied race access, reach 120 level and most likely you will need to go through a scenario.

Why should I choose Kul Tiran Humans

Why should I choose: pirate looking in heritage armour, your Kul Tiras Human can be an awesome druid with Drusts magic forms and hopefully shaman and some other classes as well. It is good to become another type of human, too! 


I have never played for dwarves or wanted to, but this allied race is so wonderful, it makes me want to play! From the deep depths of the black mountain, where the rivers of hot iron flow, the new allies waited their time to unite with the Alliance again!

Dark Iron Dwarves Looks

With the fire in their eyes, also fire on the tips of their hair and beards, iron dwarves look super with their dark skin. This is the most colour contrast allied race in BFA. They have standard faces and posture of dwarfs. Lots and lots of new hairstyles available for men and women dwarves.

Unlocking the Dark Iron Dwarves

There must be few things done here, first of all, you will need to complete Alliance War Campaign, reach exalter with faction 7th Legion and to polish it all with special recruitment scenario, then you will get Dark Iron Dwarves to unlock.  

Racial Abilities

  • Fireblood: very good ability, neutralize poison, magic, curses, bleeding and increases your stats by 100 for each of the gone effects.
  • Mole Machine: when your dwarf is outdoors, he can use the Mole Machine that will make tunnels in the earth.
  • Mass Production: blacksmithing crafting speed is doubled. Dungeon Delver: increases speed on your chat to 4% when you are indoors.
  • Forged in Flames ability: when you get damage from actual attacks, reduces them to 1%, hm, not much:) 

Allied Race Starting Mount

Main style red and orange Core Hound Mount, really hot looking! 

Playable Classes

Hunter (has a special pet), Monk, Priest, Paladin, Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Shaman (with special looking totems of course) and Warrior. Weapons will also probably be customised.

Why should I choose to play Dark Iron Dwarves in BFA?

The reason is simple: it's smoking hot! ^^