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8.0 Patch, 12 main things coming in Battle for Azeroth


Blizzcon 2017 was an impressive show and we have been waiting for the new extension, guessing what it can be , Ancient Gods or some evil bigger than Legion , like Void , but all predictions hadn´t hit the score, actually small spoiler did, simple prognosis about that the battlefield will be returning to Azeroth and this time the fight will move back to Horde and Alliance that somehow we're trying to unite during many extensions, and in new addon, Battle for Azeroth, will stand against each other again. World of Warcraft seems to be moving away from strict PvE into the mixture of PvP and PvE content which makes Blizzcon 2017 news even more exciting. So some answers to the main questions concerning The Battle for Azeroth new WOW extension 8.0:

    1. When? Seems like 77 days after Battle for Azeroth 8.0 starts its Beta testing period
    2. New races? Yes! Many of them! Subraces: Taurens of Highmountain, trolls of Zandalar, Void Elves, Dreneis of light, Nightborn and Dwarfs of black iron, in total 6 new wow subraces, there are plans to make even more races
    3. New WoW Locations: 2 new islands, 3 locations on each, Kul´teras or alliance, Islands of Zandalar for the Horde
    4. Big amount of new raids and dungeons, no leaks about raids yet though, follow our wow blog to get the freshest updates and leaks on wow 8.0
    5. The battle between fractions and battles with pirates. A new extension will be going on at the islands and where islands are there pirates can appear:)
    6. Absolutely new type of content: warfront, battle for different fronts between horde and alliance, 20 players content, absolutely fresh and unusual.
    7. Weapon: instead of artifact there will be legendary jewellery Heart of Azeroth which probably we will need to enhance and boost during the whole game, which we do now with our WoW artifact weapon.
    8. Old WoW locations: they will be scaled now, so the mobs in old legacy locations will be at your level and levelling itself promises to be more pleasant than now.
    9. PvP content: new PvP arena and battlefield in Silitus
    10. PvP and PvE servers: they won't be divided anymore! All you need to do if you are levelling and don´t want to get killed by those annoying players of the higher level is to switch into the PVE mode and... no more cemetery!
    11. Mythic dungeons: yes they will remain in game! 
    12. Levelling was extended up to 120 level, if you have many characters and want to play new wow subraces but have no time to level them yourself, you can always hire our boost and we will do it for you fast and cheap (link). Enjoy the new amazing cinematic Battle for Azeroth one more time and look forward to the new World of Warcraft extension as much as we do! 




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