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Crucible of storms, killing two bosses, getting awesome pieces of loot!

This new wow raid was supposed to go hand in hand with battle of Dazar Alor but something obviously went wrong and now we have new raids crucible of storms release date only on 17th of April!
Which is also later than patch 8.1.5 that came some time ago… we don't like patch coming out first and then raid that is coming only later after, who likes to wait that long? We do not know such people:) But best to talk about new BFA raid itself. First and foremost we have a mini raid here guys. Two bosses only:) not so much of a loot quantity but what a quality! Yet, all in order, all info on shelves, lets begin…


Crucible of storms raid loot:

Yeah, the nicest about raid is to loot! New items, trinkets, gear from crucible of storms, lets review loot a bit. Instead of the stats we all got used to, such characteristics as speed, crit and versatility, there will be new effects added to gear loot in crucible of storms. Sometimes this effect replaces basic characteristics. For instance, warlock gear in crucible of storms. Every item has some cool effects and usable in any case. So let's see. Crucible of storms item level, release date In LFR there will be items of 375 ilvl from Fa'thuul the Feared who is the first boss, 390 ilvl items from him on normal mode kill, 405 in heroic raid and 420 ilvl if killing the first boss crucible of storms on mythic difficulty. Unlike to other raids, ilvl of second boss in crucible will be guaranteed higher than from the first one. So, loot ivl from Uu'nat will be 380 in LFR, normal will bring you 395 ilvl , 410 in heroic mode and 425 on mythic Uu'nat kill! And of course, there will be achievs for Uu'nat, kill and for Restless Cabal as well! Ahead of the curve and cutting the edge if killing those bosses on heroic or higher , which is only mythic difficulty:) Release date of crucible of storms is 17th of April 2019, pre order is open HERE


NOW to TOP LOOTS from crucible raid!

Get pillar of the drowned cabal staff

Number 7 in the top, Heal and caster weapon, this staff is really great for mage of all 3 specs, for the monk heal, for warlock and priest of all specs, also for shaman and druid balance and restore. This is the unique model and it drops from the Fa'thuul the Feared heroic, LFR, normal and mythic crucible of storms. Get it easy with us, book your crucible of storms today with our calendar, easy as ordering a pizza! Get slot for today

Get Abyssal Speaker's Gauntlets hands 

Number 6 in the top. Having these gloves you will get equip bonus, you also have an effect that works as a shield that turns down the damage made on you for one minute in total. That reminds a little legendaries from Legion and effects they had. Really good for plate players, so you can get it for your warrior, paladin, for DK on all specs. We recommend you to get abyssal speakers gloves in normal of heroic from Uu'nat kill in crucible of storms! Use our calendar to book yourself into a raid where you will play yourself! Uu'nat kill

Get Mindthief's Eldritch Clasp plate belt waste

Five from the top, amazing item for paladins, warriors and DK, this waist has a great effect that will be in use for raids and dungeons and that is why: every 3 minutes you have such an effect that if health falls down to 25% , your HP will be restored on 68K. Also the effect is good looking, visually nicely done. Small void thing will cover your head in the end of giving you HP and will suck it out from you again:) Order this item HERE

Get Fa'thuul's Floodguards mail legs gear

Fourth in the list, these legs are wearable for shamans and hunters, this item has two different effects and they depend on whether you have high HP at the moment or low. It behaves appropriately: when health if high, your damage abilities send a crush wave on your target, while your are running out of HP, it has a higher chance to restore. Not that much of a visual effect though. Get best legs for shaman and legs for hunter from crucible of storms, one click away now! one click away now!


Get Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage leather legs

Number three, for those of us who play leather! So, all monks, druids, rogues and DH people, those are Great legs wait for us in Crucible of storms! The effect here is a bit similar to previous mail legs , as legs adds some effects on when you are low health and some when your HP is high. 20K health over 10 seconds. Get those legs if you play for the leather char, its a good loot!Loot now


Get Zaxasj's Deepstriders boots cloth gear

Number two in rate, cloth boots for warlocks, mages and priests! Maybe this gear piece is not that much for the raids as cool effect they have is for speed and speed only! They increase your speed on 200 and you get +200 to your speed on every twenty percents of your health and this can go on and on until you reach 600 speed increase. Not bad!


Get Trident of Deep Ocean weapon gear polearm

Number one in rating though there can be some issues with recognising it as a winner today as all gear is actually good from new wow raid. Sometimes damage will bring you a bubble that will burst and increase your stats. Wearable for tanks and all other chars who can wear polearm weapon. Though this bubble will absorb only some of the damage , not all for sure. Get trident of Deep Ocean easy one click away now!




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