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TOP 10 Mounts in Rise of Azshara : new 8.2 Warcfact patch!

Top 10 Best mounts in 8.2 patch Warcraft 

Best mounts from 8.2 warcraft patch


Many Warcraft news scream about how good new patch 8.2 is and one of the best things in new warcraft patch is new mounts! We all collect them, it is not a secret! So let´s see in our mount guide what are the best mounts in 8.2 wow patch and how to get most of these new mounts! 


Mechagon Dungeon and Mechagon zone both are the motherland for unique steampunk mounts and even mount equipment which is a very new feature in World of Warcraft. About this and other new features from Rise of Azshara we have reviewed previously. All in all Mechagon zone is the Paradise for farming and the best place even in terms of hidden secrets and mysterious items that we do not know how and where to use, for now! We will keep our Zandalari Trolls and Highmountain Taurens in the Mechagon zone to investigate more for you and will make a report in one of the following articles, subscribe to our news so you will not miss the latest Warcraft reviews! 

How to get  Aerial Unit R-21/X Warcraft mount

Aerial Unit Mount Farm

This is the new mount from Mechagon zone, one of the best mounts in 8.2 for sure and the best mechanical mount in WoW so far, at least this is our opinion:) So, how to farm Aerial Unit mount? Aerial Unit R-21/X is the new flying mount from Operation Mechagon dungeon and it drops from King Mechagon of course! This wonderful mount has the same style as the whole Mechagon zone of course. So how to get Aerial Unit R-21/X? Farm it in Mechagon Mythic dungeon! Want to get Aerial Unit Mount and Mechagon runs with the professinal team, you are welcome, this mount will be yours, you only need to click and ask Mmonster for boost help!

How to get Mechagon Wheel Mount

Girobike Mount Warcaft

Another cool mount for the Mechagon is one-wheeled bike Mechacycle Model W and it is given for the meta achievement Mecha-Done in the Mechagon and for sure it will take a while until you will get it! Also has almost a twin mount Junkheap Drifter which is a drop from rare Rustfeather Mob. So you must farm both of them for sure! Now you know how to get Mechacycle Model W, Gratz! You can get Mechacycle Model W Boost with us and get it quite fast! Two similar motorcycle mounts are almost the same so you can choose which one is better for you or you will need to know how to farm motorcycle or Girobike mounts in Warcraft, both of them!


How to get Mechanocat Mount Warcaft

So far many people consider X-995 Mechanocat one of the best if not the best looking mount is 8.2 patch and again it is made at Mechagon and can be obtained only there. How to get  Mechanocat in Warcraft? You can craft it with the tinkering but you will need a quest for it of course. This mount can be also painted in different colours and where to get paints for Mechanical cat? They drop from different activities on Mechagon zone playing. Get Mechanocat Mount fast! 

How to get Peacekeeper Mount Mechagon

Also, there is another mouth from Operation Mechagon dungeon, kind of a spider tank mount that will fit your gnome like crazy is a BFA mount called Mechagon Peacekeeper. What peace does it keep we do not know for now but the look and mechanic of this 8.2 mount are just amazing and you must get it! So how to get Peacekeeper Mechagon Mount You must defeat HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit in Operation Mechagon dungeon. We have a boost team ready to make Mechagon Mythic for you every single day!  



How to farm Unshackled Waveray Mount Warcraft

Unshackled Waveray is an exclusive Horde mount and to obtain it in your mount collection, you will need to buy it for the new currency Prismatic Manapearls as much as 250 items but first, you will need to reach an exalted level of reputation with Unshackled faction definitely here on Nazjatar zone. So it is a lot and a lot of farming. We really recommend to farm Stingray mount, it is gorgeous blue and grey with red edging, but not the only one Stingray mount in WoW for now! Keep reading...

How to farm Ankoan Waveray Mount Warcraft

Another Stingray mount in Warcraft 8.2 patch is this baby called Ankoan Wavery is like a twin brother to the previous Stingray mount yet dark blue with gold edges in colour and is given exclusively to your alliance character for 250 Prismatic Manapearls and exalted reputation with the Ankoan faction. So now you know how to get Unshackled Waveray Mount, time to start! This is not the last stingray mount in Rise of Azshara patch, there will be another one yet not that easy to get...

How to farm Silent Glider Mount Warcraft

This mount is also Stingray yet it is black with some golden edges. In Nazjatar zone there will be rare mob called Soundless and after camping and killing it you will get Silent Glider Mount who is beautiful stingray and will add some wow luxury into your mount collection:) This is one of the easiest mounts in Nazjatar zone, the ancient zone where Nagas live led by their eternal queen Azshara who will gonna try to slaughter in her own Eternal palace...

How to get Azshari Bloatray Mount Warcraft

This is the hardest to get Stingray mount in the whole 8.2 Azshara patch. You can get this raid mount for the achievement done in the Eternal palace raid. Unlike to all other mounts in Nazjatar zone, we mean Stingray mounts, this mount is yellow with the touch of blue and it is also very good looking. Definitely, it will be worth to get it in Eternal Palace raid. This Glory of Eternal raider achievement is done most likely on the normal difficulty but will requite experienced raid group. So you can get Azshari Bloatray with the best wow booster Mmonster. 


How to get Snapback Scuttler Crab Mount Warcraft

It must be one of the favourite mounts you all want to get! This wonderful crab mount has a chest on the back where your character will sit and mount special ability will be that crab goes down in the ground and only this chest with you sitting on it will stick out! Amazing, he also walks sidewise! So where to farm crab mount in Warcraft? For now, it is not known, drops somewhere in the zone! Keep a track on our reviews and we will update you with the latest info about crab mount!

Get Snapdragon Mount and Seahorse Mount Warcraft

There are three colour variants of the Snapdragon mounts in World of Warcraft newest patch, Royal Snapdragon, Deepcoral Snapdragon and Snapdragon Kelpstalker are received from the Nazjatar quests as we tend to think. Also, there will be wonderful seahorse mount in Nazjatar zone called Inkscale Deepseeker which has three colour variants, and about the farm, we know as of now that it will be given for 150 new currency items, and probably some reputation will be needed. More info on seahorse and snapdragon mounts will come a little later.


Glory Bloatray Mount



How to get Mechanical parrot mount in Warcraft

Out Top 1 Mount in 8.2 Patch, one of the best 8.2 mounts is mechanical parrot mount which is given for flying unlock in 8.2 and you can see information above in this article on how to unlock flying in BFA and get Mechanical Parrot Mount Wonderwing 2.0. So what you must do. First of all, you have to farm reputations in Azeroth to be able to get the super big achievement Battle for Azeroth pathfinder part 1, this is the longest and more important farm. Doing it yourself you can spend around three months of an everyday farm, ordering from us we cut this time up to three weeks and even less! So unlock battle for Azeroth flying is easy as never before and you won´t have to move a finger to earn it and get Wonderwing Mount Mecha-parrot! Everybody in the game will see you earned it and you can now fly above the BFA zones!  Want more mounts? Here is the earlier review on the best Battle for Azeroth Mounts Farm guide!


Mecha-parrot mount warcraft